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Hello, Kremlin? Who Are We For? (RFE/RL Russian Service)
Hello, Kremlin? Who Are We For? (RFE/RL Russian Service)


THE POWER VERTICAL: The Limits Of Bribery And Blackmail

Belarus, Ukraine, and Georgia are moving West, despite the pressure.

Kremlin Foe Navalny Sentenced To 20 Days In Jail

A Russian court has sentenced opposition politician Aleksei Navalny to 20 days in jail on charges of repeatedly violating legislation governing protests and demonstrations.

An American Who Chose Ukraine

An American named Peter chose to live in Ukraine after visiting 85 countries. He is collecting money to build a kitchen and bathroom for the internally displaced family he is living with. (124k views, Ukrainian Service Facebook)

Uzbek Man Sets Fire To Himself To Save Home

An Uzbek teacher set himself alight and leaped from the roof of his home to protest plans to demolish 500 houses that authorities in Uzbekistan’s western Karakalpakstan region say are illegal.


Russian State-Owned Telecom Provides North Korea Internet Access

A U.S.-based research group on North Korea says a Russian state-owned Internet company has started providing Pyongyang an alternate connection to the global Internet.

Russia Complains As U.S. Agents Take Control Of Consulate

Russia's Foreign Ministry has again complained about U.S. law enforcement taking over the Russian Consulate in San Francisco, threatening unspecified retaliation against U.S. diplomats.

Violence, 'Hypocrisy' In Catalonia: Russia Reacts To Spanish Turmoil

Russian media have devoted extensive coverage to police violence that marred a referendum in the Spanish region of Catalonia, painting a picture of double standards in a European Union rattled by referendums and fighting for survival.

'They Used To Shoot People For This!': Students Scolded For Supporting Navalny

Ever since Russian opposition leader Aleksei Navalny began organizing fresh anticorruption protests in March, teachers and administrations across the country have warned students of the potentially dire consequences of such dissent.

Finnish Activists Launch Fact-Checking Map Of Russian Military Maneuvers

A new Finnish project, Russian Military Watch, provides a comprehensive visual illustration of Russian military maneuvers, based on official Russian statements. For example, users can verify the deployment of new Su-30SM jets, or the movements of the Kremlin’s Caspian flotilla. (Russian Service)

Modern Military Equipment Takes Slow Road To Donbas Frontlines

RFE/RL’s Donbas Realities website reports that while Ukraine’s Defense Ministry ordered the new Kozak armored vehicle for military duty last March, deployment is so slow that, according to one soldier, the AMV “has only been seen in parades.” (Ukrainian Service)

Serbia Takes Delivery Of MiG-29 Fighters From Russia

A transport plane has delivered two Russian MiG-29 fighter jets to Serbia, the initial shipment of a six-jet deal that could add to East-West tensions in the Balkans.

Azerbaijan Says Gays Arrested For Offering 'Sexual Services'

Azerbaijani authorities say they arrested more than 80 people last month who offered "sexual services," following reports by international rights groups that the government had rounded up dozens of members of the country's gay community.

Rights Group Calls For Uzbek Journalist's Release

A France-based rights group has urged Uzbek authorities to release journalist Bobomurod Abdullaev, who supporters say has been held incommunicado in custody for several days.

IN MEMORIAM: RFE/RL Journalist Viktor Rezunkov

Former head of RFE/RL’s St. Petersburg bureau Viktor Rezunkov, 60, has died following a serious illness.(Russian Service)

PRESSROOM: RFE/RL President To Address CSCE-House Press Freedom Caucus Briefing On Attacks On The Press In Russia

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