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Russia's Path From LiveJournal Boom To Internet Crackdown
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The Russian Internet: From LiveJournal Boom To Internet Bust


Thousands In Kyiv Protest Plan For Local Elections In Eastern Ukraine

Thousands of demonstrators have rallied in Kyiv against President Volodymyr Zelenskiy’s plan to hold local elections in eastern Ukrainian territory that is under the control of Russia-backed separatists, denouncing is as capitulation to Russia.

Crossing The Front Line In Eastern Ukraine

Some 10,000 people a day cross a collapsed bridge across the front line in war-torn eastern Ukraine.

Two Opposition Parties Win Kosovo Parliamentary Elections

Kosovo's two major opposition parties -- the Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) and Vetevendosje -- appear to have upended the country’s ruling party during snap parliamentary elections held on October 6.

Vladimir Putin’s Birthday Vacation In Siberia

Ahead of his birthday on October 7, Russian President Vladimir Putin vacationed in Siberia. A video aired by Russian media shows Putin in the company of Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, walking through the mountains and picking mushrooms. (Russian Service)


Trump Allies Pursued Management Change At Ukraine’s Naftogaz

The AP news agency is reporting that two Soviet-born businessmen whom U.S. Donald Trump’s personal attorney has publicly identified as his clients sought to reshuffle management at Ukraine’s state-owned oil and gas conglomerate in their favor as they pursued liquified natural-gas projects.

Court Confiscates Calvey’s Property

Russian media is reporting that a Moscow court has confiscated all Russian property belonging to Baring Vostok founder Michael Calvey, together with property belonging to the relatives of other defendants in the same case. Calvey, a U.S. citizen, has been charged with financial fraud. He has been under house arrest in April; a court denied his request in August for release. (Russian Service)

Second Suspect Arrested In U.S. Probe Of Russian-Led Theft Of Aviation Secrets

The former director of an Italian company that is a division of General Election Aviation is the second suspect to be arrested as part of a U.S. criminal case alleging that a Russian defense executive attempted to steal trade secrets from GE.

Russian Authorities 'Harassing' Journalists Covering Prokopyeva Case

The Committee to Protect Journalists is calling on Russian authorities to “stop harassing” reporters covering the terrorism case against journalist Svetlana Prokopyeva.

Politkovskaya Lawyer Says Investigation Is ‘Asleep’

Thirteen years after the brazen murder of crusading Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya, the mastermind of the crime remains unidentified, and the investigation remains “asleep,” said Anna Stavitskaya, the lawyer for the Politkovskaya family, told Russian journalists. Stavitskaya said that “The only thing [the authorities] do is extend the investigation period.” The family has petitioned for the questioning of Chechen politician Akhmed Zakayev in connection with the murder. (Russian Service)

'Streisand Effect' Dulls Impact Of Law On Dissing Russian Authorities

Six months after Russia adopted a controversial law imposing fines for using electronic media to insult officials or state symbols, the number of people facing charges under the measure is in decline.

Russian Population Slide Expected To Shift In 2024

A forecast prepared for the State Duma on Russia's socio-economic development projects that the Federation’s natural population will continue to decline until 2023, after which it will then begin to show growth, reaching about 149 million people in 2024. (in Russian, Current Time TV)

Dozens Assemble In Minsk Over Possible Integration With Russia

Prominent opposition politician and former presidential candidate Mikalay Statkevich organized a protest on October 6 ostensibly as part of a drive to get on the ballot for next month’s parliamentary elections, but dozens of people came out to rally against their country’s possible integration with Russia.

Bulgarian Media Cite Trump Remarks To Discredit RFE/RL

Numerous Bulgarian media, drawing on reporting from the official Russian information agency TASS, have cited remarks made by U.S. President Donald Trump last week about RFE/RL to discredit the company and claim that “a new policy” to replace it and its sister network, The Voice of America, is in the works.

Two RFE/RL Reporters Detained In Dushanbe

Two journalists working for RFE/RL’s Tajik Service were detained and released today in Dushanbe after recording an incident involving a police arrest. Police have said their filming constituted “interference” with police activities.

Rights Groups Protest Activist’s Extradition, Cite Tajikistan’s ‘Transnational Repression’

A group of 11 human rights groups has urged Belarus not to forcibly return a Tajik opposition activist Farhod Odinaev to Tajikistan, where they said he “risks torture or other ill-treatment.”

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