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In Isolation: Stanislav Aseyev's Reports About Donbas
In Isolation: Stanislav Aseyev's Reports About Donbas

In Isolation: Stanislav Aseyev's Reports About Donbas

Ukrainian blogger and RFE/RL contributor Stanislav Aseyev has been held incommunicado by Russia-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine since June 2017, in connection with his reporting on the conflict in the region. RFE/RL has provided these translations of his unique field reports to bring his courage and astonishing talent to the attention of English-speaking audiences, and win support for his freedom.


Bulgarians Mourn Slain Journalist

Hundreds of people attended an October 8 vigil in the Bulgarian capital, Sofia, to honor slain television journalist Viktoria Marinova, whom police say was beaten, raped and strangled.

A Birthday Wish For Putin

Activists ran along a street in St. Petersburg with a banner wishing Russian President Vladimir Putin "many years in jail" on his birthday on October 7.

Octogenarian Angler: Babushka Snares Today's Catch By Hand

An 80-year-old woman in Russia's Lipetsk Region shares the bounty of her local river with neighbors, after first catching the fish with her bare hands.

Under Threat Of Chinese 'Reeducation,' Ethnic Kazakh Forced To Abort Baby

Gulzira Mogdin, an ethnic Kazakh woman held in a “reeducation” camp in China, says she and other minority women have suffered atrocities at the hands of Chinese officials.


Bellingcat Names Second Skripal Poisoning Suspect As Russian GRU Agent

The investigative website Bellingcat has identified a GRU doctor, Aleksandr Yevgenyevich Mishkin, aka Aleksandr Petrov, as the second suspect in the nerve-agent attack on former Russian spy Sergei Skripal in Britain.

Ukraine Launches Large-Scale Air Exercises With NATO Countries

A 12-day-long series of war games known as Clear Sky 2018, involving the United States and seven other NATO countries, has begun in western Ukraine.

Russia Suspends Development Of Largest Military Drone

Russia's defense ministry has reportedly suspended the development of the Altair, the country’s largest military drone. Drone manufacturer OKB Simonov has cited a lack of funds and requested 2 billion rubles, despite a previous investment of over 3 billion rubles and test flights completed last year. Simonov head Aleksandr Gomzin was arrested in April on charges of fraud and misuse of funds. (Russian Service)

Titiyev, Activist Jailed In Chechnya, Awarded Vaclav Havel Human Rights Prize

Oyub Titiyev, a dogged Russian activist who is in jail and on trial in his native Chechnya on what he says is a fabricated drug-possession charge, has been awarded the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe’s Vaclav Havel Human Rights Prize.

Officials Say Sentsov Continues Hunger Strike

The Human Rights Commissioner of Russia’s Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous region has reported receiving no official statement that Ukrainian film director Oleh Sentsov has ended his hunger strike, and told Russian media that his condition is “relatively satisfactory.” (Ukrainian Service)

Ukrainian Church Fights For Independence From Moscow

St. Stritenskiy Temple, which opened its doors in eastern Ukraine in 2015, represents a small but significant victory in an intensifying dispute that's shaking the Eastern Orthodox Church, the world's second-largest Christian denomination.

Armenia's Pashinian, Tsarukian Agree To New Elections In December

One week after being driven out of Armenia’s governing coalition, Prosperous Armenia Party (BHK) leader Gagik Tsarukian has committed himself to helping Prime Minister Nikol Pashinian force snap parliamentary elections before the end of this year.

Macedonia Name Change Goes To Parliament For Vote This Week

Macedonia's government has asked parliament to start the process of amending the constitution to change the country's name, as called for under a deal with neighboring Greece to pave the way for Skopje to join NATO and the European Union.

U.S. Raises Concerns About Bosnian Elections

Washington has expressed concerns about "shortcomings" in Bosnia's election process even as it said it remains "committed to a stable and prosperous Bosnia and Herzegovina."

Journalist's Killing Puts Spotlight On Bulgaria's Poor Press-Freedom Record

As Bulgarian authorities investigate whether the rape and killing of Viktoria Marinova was a random crime or connected to her work as a reporter, the case has turned a spotlight on impediments to a free press in a country where journalists are often subjected to intimidation and threats.

Latvia Accuses Russia Of Attempts To Hack Government Entities

Latvia has accused Russia of carrying out cyber attacks targeting its defense and foreign affairs ministries and other departments. Officials say the attacks follow other efforts by Russian military intelligence in recent years to gain access to the government’s computer networks. (in Russian, Current Time TV)

MOST READ/RUSSIA: Ukrainian Intelligence Publishes New Wagner Group List

Ukraine’s security service (SBU) has published a new list of 206 citizens of Russia and other countries who are believed to be members of the mercenary organization known as the Wagner Military Group, and who fought in eastern Ukraine and Syria. The list includes the names of 58 fighters who were killed in Deir ez-Zor in Syria in February. The SBU has described the fighters as “freelance GRU contractors.” (over 54k views on Russian Service website)

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