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State Of The Girl


Power Vertical: Putin’s Krushchev Fears

Part three of a special Daily Vertical series on Russian President Vladimir Putin and The Ghosts Of Kremlins Past.

Homes Of Crimean Tatars Searched

Homes belonging to Crimean Tatars who have made pilgrimage to Mecca have recently been subject to searches by authorities in Crimea, in an attempt, says lawyer Emil Kurbedinov, to accuse them of involvement in the terrorist organization Hizb-ut-Tahrir. (In Russian, Current Time TV)

Performance Seeks To Prevent Child Marriage

Kyrgyz activists sought to warn school students about the dangers of underage marriage, a practice that is widespread in Kyrgyzstan and the subject of a new law.

Belarus Man Builds Dad An Arm

Belarusian programmer Aleh Haltsev designed and built an affordable prosthetic hand with a 3-d printer.


Russian Ambassador Blames US For Tensions With Moscow

Russia’s top diplomat in the United States has blamed Washington for the worsening ties between the two countries, even as he emphasized common threats the two faced and the potential for cooperation.

Russia Approves Indefinite Deployment Of Air Force in Syria

Russia’s Federation Council ratified an agreement on October 12 to deploy indefinitely Russia’s airforce in Syria, granting members diplomatic immunity and duty-free import of military hardware to Syrian territory. (In Russian, Current Time TV)

Putin Cancels Paris Visit

Russian President Vladimir Putin has nixed his planned October 19 visit to France after French President Francois Hollande reportedly sought to limit their meeting to a discussion about Syria.

Russian Olympic Committee President To Step Down

Russian Olympic Committee President Aleksandr Zhukov said on October 11 his resignation will enable him to focus on his position as deputy speaker of the State Duma.

Solzhenitsyn Effigy Hanged In Front Of Moscow Gulag Museum

An effigy of Nobel Prize-winning Russian writer Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn hung from a noose in front of Moscow's gulag museum.

Serbia Rejects Kosovo's Decision To Nationalize Mining Complex

Belgrade has rejected Kosovo's decision to nationalize the massive Trepca mining complex that straddles the border with Serbia, calling the decision "null and void."

SCHEMES: Illegal Construction Continues Along River In Kyiv

RFE/RL’s investigative TV program “Schemes” reports that private residential construction on the banks of Ukraine’s Dniepr river continues, in most cases illegally, expropriating public lands and blocking public access to the water. The investigation revealed that documents delineating boundaries and permissible construction zones have disappeared from the Kyiv city council archives. (In Ukrainian)

COMMENTARY: Will Georgia’s Opposition Boycott New Parliament?

The ruling Georgian Dream-Democratic Georgia party garnered a majority in Georgia's October 8 parliamentary elections, but with runoffs planned in 50 single-mandate constituencies, the opposition United National Movement is weighing its options.

COMMENTARY: Serbian Cartoonist Unrepentant Over Vucic Lampoon

RUSSIA FIRST PERSON: Most Of Us Stay And Hope For A Better Life

A profile of Tatyana Leontyeva, a professor at Ufa State Petroleum Technological University, and the latest article in RFE/RL’s original series, Russia First Person.

MOST READ/RUSSIA: ‘It Doesn’t Mean The Guy Should Be Killed’

In a discussion with RFE/RL about the 2015 slaying of Boris Nemtsov, Russian political commentator Andrey Piontkovsky, who produced a film about the murder, said the FSB and security services generally disapproved of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “Kadyrov project,” and used the murder to challenge Kadyrov’s influence and discredit Putin. (Over 30K views on Russian Service website)

PHOTOGALLERY: Aleppo Neighborhood Pounded By Russian Jets

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