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Azeri President Aliyev Addresses His Cabinet (RFE/RL Azerbaijani Service)
Azeri President Aliyev Addresses His Cabinet (RFE/RL Azerbaijani Service)


MH17: 'The Less You Know, The Better You Sleep'

RFE/RL’s Current Time took to the streets to ask ordinary Muscovites what they think about the Dutch report on the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17.

Silence No Option For Russia's Rebel Bard

Andrei Makarevich, a well-known Russian poet and singer-songwriter, whose concerts have recently been cancelled in response to his unorthodox political views, spoke to RFE/RL about music, politics, and fear.

Moldovans Demonstrate Outside Parliament

A massive corruption scandal led protesters in Chisinau to resume their calls for the country’s government to resign as lawmakers voted to strip former Prime Minister Vlad Filat of his parliamentary immunity.


The Power Vertical: Containing The Putin Syndicate

A new era of containment has begun. Russia's neighbors, wary of polite little green men appearing to stir up new non declared hybrid wars, are building walls and becoming vigilant.

Germany To Shut Uzbek Base

Germany says it will close its air base in the Uzbek town of Termez, which has provided support for German and other NATO forces in neighboring Afghanistan since 2001. The closure follows the withdrawal of most foreign troops from Afghanistan, and comes amidst rising pressure from Russia to lessen the Western military presence in the region.

Belarussian Blogger Arrested For Anti-Lukashenka Photo

Blogger Victor Nikitenko was arrested and reportedly beaten by law enforcement officers after taking a picture of himself standing near the Parliament building and holding a homemade sign saying, "Lukashenka To The Tribunal." (In Belarusian)

Armenia And Iran Discuss Plans to Build Corridor To The Black Sea

In an interview with RFE/RL, Iran’s Transport Minister said that Armenia, Iran, Georgia, and Bulgaria are discussing cooperation to build a transport corridor from the Persian Gulf to the Black Sea, and from there to Bulgaria. (In Russian)

Russisan Imam Arrested For IS Recruiting in Berlin

An Imam of a Berlin mosque has been charged with recruiting and purchasing weapons online to support the activities of the militant group Islamic State in Syria. (In Russian)

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