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Minsk Talks 2016 (RFE/RL Ukrainian Service)


Red Underwear For Poroshenko At Kyiv Demo

Activists had an outsized pair of red underpants ready for the Ukrainian president in an effort to encourage him to submit a declaration of interests.

Jail? No Thanks, My Dad's An Oil Exec

Ruslan Shamsuarov, the son of a Lukoil bigwig, avoided prison time for his part in a high-speed car chase that went viral.

Daghestani Women Protest Kidnappings

Around 40 women staged a protest in Makhachkala, demanding answers about their missing relatives.

Young Kyrgyz Equestrians Jump Obstacles In Expensive Sport

From fierce nomadic competitions to the refined elegance of show jumping, Kyrgyzstan's equestrians demonstrate their world-class skills on horses.


Ukrainian AntiCorruption Activists Dare Officials To Declare Assets

Ukrainians are attempting to shame top public officials into disclosing their financial assets by calling those who don't "sissy pants,” playing off the word "trusi," which means both underwear and cowards in Ukrainian.

Prague Police Detain Russian Suspected Of Hacking In U.S.

Police in the Czech Republic's capital have detained a Russian citizen suspected of hacking U.S.-based websites.

Patriarch Kirill Urges ‘Holy War’ Against Terrorism

Speaking at the end of a four-day visit to Britain, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church urged countries around the world to unite in what he called a “holy war” against terrorism.

UK-Based Monitor Contrasts Russian, U.S. Air Campaigns In Syria

RFE/RL's Russian Service spoke to Chris Woods, director of Airwars, a London-based group monitoring international air strikes against the Islamic State extremist group in Iraq, Syria, and Libya, to get a better understanding of how Russia's air campaign in Syria compares with the one being conducted by a U.S.-led coalition.

Russia's Balkan Friends Form New 'Cossack Army'

Self-styled Cossack General Viktor Zaplatin, a Russian, was selected to head a new Balkan Cossack Army at a founding meeting in the Montenegrin port town of Kotor on September 11.

Oligarchs On The Run: How Russia’s Billionaires Hide From Tax Authorities

Alisher Usmanov, the owner of over a dozen Russian companies, is one of at least 18 billionaires who have surrendered their official residency status in Russia in order to evade taxes. (In Russian, Current Time TV)

Ukrainian Parliament Sets Tender Conditions For Odesa Port Plant

Ukraine has announced conditions for the privatization of the Odesa Port Plant, setting the starting price at 5.16 billion hryvnias (approx. $200.7 million) and extending the term for tenders to January 7, 2017. (In Ukrainian)

Head Of Syrian Parliament Recognizes Russia’s Claim To Crimea

Syrian parliamentary head Hadiya Khalaf Abbas told the Russian state-sponsored outlet “Sputnik” on October 19 that she considers Crimea, which was illegally annexed by Russia in 2014, an “integral part of Russia.” (In Ukrainian)

Nationalists Disrupt LGBT Film Event In Ukraine

A group of right-wing Azov and Pravy Sektor battalion members violently interrupted an LGBT film event in the western Ukraine city of Chernivtsi on October 18, as police reportedly looked on.

Gulen-Linked Schools In Kazakhstan Renamed

Turkish-Kazakh schools across Kazakhstan are being renamed amid a campaign by Turkey against the exiled Turkish Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen.

HRW Urges Investigation Into Death Of Turkmen Dissident Journalist's Brother

Human Rights Watch says Altymurad Annamuradov, the brother of an exiled Turkmen dissident journalist, died on September 4, four days after he was kidnapped and beaten by unknown assailants in Turkmenistan.

COMMENTARY: An Inside Account Of Milosevic's Unfinished Trial

INFOGRAPHIC: Close Encounters With The Russian Air Force

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