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Shelling Of Ukrainian Village Leaves Residents Without Gas

Residents of Ukraine’s eastern Donetsk region, inured to shooting, barely reacted after shelling by separatist forces left nearly 4,500 people without gas. (In Ukrainian)

Ten Years Old And Tired Of War

Before the war, there were 37 schoolchildren in the village of Orlovske in southeastern Ukraine. Now 10-year-old Seryozha is the only one.

Waiting In Limbo, Migrants Take Shelter In Belgrade Warehouse

Hundreds of migrants, mostly from Afghanistan and Pakistan, who are blocked from traveling to EU countries to the west, are living in a warehouse without electricity or running water in the Serbian capital.

Anda: The KGB Spy Who Loved Me

When a KGB agent tried to recruit an activist for Latvian independence in 1988, she ended up "recruiting" him.


Norway To Allow U.S. To Station 330 Troops

The United States will deploy over 300 troops in Norway, the Norwegian government announced on October 24, in a move likely to upset neighboring Russia.

Global NGOs Question Russia's Bid For UN Human Rights Body

Some 80 international human-rights organizations have issued a statement urging United Nations members to consider whether Russia's role in Syria "renders it unfit to serve" on the UN Human Rights Council.

Duma Bill Targets Unconventional Children's Names

Under a new bill being considered by the Russian parliament, parents would be prevented from giving their children names containing numbers, abbreviations, symbols, bad language, titles, or ranks.

'Alternative' Monument To Ivan The Terrible Unveiled In Russia

In response to the unveiling of Russia’s first-ever statue of Ivan the Terrible earlier this month, an alternative monument, a wooden stake dripping with blood-red paint, has been erected in the Siberian city of Kansk.

Most Russians Against Banning Abortions

A recent poll by the Russian Public Opinion Research Center found that 70 percent of respondents oppose excluding abortion from the system of mandatory medical insurance. Only 4 percent stated that abortions are unacceptable under any conditions. (In Russian, Current Time TV)

In West Bank Hamlet, Ukrainian Brides Help Samaritan Faith Stay Afloat

Six Ukrainian brides and several Israeli, Ukrainian, and Azerbaijani women are helping the northern West Bank’s Mount Gerizim Samaritan community grow.

Serbia Detains Suspects In Plot To Sway Montenegro's Election

Serbia has detained suspects in a plot to sway the outcome of Montenegro's election, Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic announced on October 24.

Flashy Boy Band Roils Some In Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan’s K-pop boy band Ninety One has a devoted fan base in Almaty and Astana, but has also encountered plenty of trouble since it began a tour last month to some of the Central Asian country’s more remote areas.

Kyrgyz Ruling Coalition Collapses

The Social Democratic Party has withdrawn from the ruling coalition in Kyrgyzstan's parliament, meaning that the coalition cabinet of Prime Minister Sooronbai Jeenbekov will have to resign.

Uzbek Nanny Pleads Guilty To Murdering Russian Child

Gyulchekhra Bobokulova, an Uzbek woman who was filmed waving the severed head of a young girl outside a Moscow metro station in February, went on trial in Moscow on October 24 and has pleaded guilty to murder.

SCHEMES: Is Ukraine’s Civil Service Reform An ‘Imitation Game’?

RFE/RL’s investigative program Schemes is examining Ukraine’s implementation of civil service reforms. In one example of the lack of transparency that endures, Oleksiy Savchenko was appointed head of Ukraine’s Mykolaiv region after taking the required exams in 6 minutes and 4 seconds; the other candidates for the post needed, on average, 32 minutes to complete the tests. (In Ukrainian)

COMMENTARY: Echoes Of The Hungarian Revolution

Irina Verblovskaya, a historian who was sentenced to five years in prison in 1957 for dissident activities, says that if Russian authorities were genuinely repentant about the 1956 Soviet invasion of Hungary, there would be no monuments to Stalin in Russia today. (In Russian)

PODCAST: The Shrinking Space For Religion In Central Asia

MEDIA RELEASE: RFE/RL Video Journalist Wounded In Mosul

INFOGRAPHIC: Tumbling Trust In Russia's Government

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