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The Prime Minister's Resignation Is Off The Table (RFE/RL Russian Service)


Ukrainian Tanks Leave The Frontline

In accordance with the Minsk agreements, Ukraine's 93rd Mechanized Brigade withdraws its tanks 15 kilometers from the line of contact.

A Search For Fallen Fighters At Donetsk's Ruined Airport

The Donetsk airport, the site of fierce fighting throughout much of 2014, fell to separatists in January. Amid the uneasy quiet, a team of volunteers has been searching the ruins for the remains of fighters who died in the battle. (Current Time TV)

The Man Who Built 'Putin's Palace'

Italian architect Lanfranco Cirillo arrived in Moscow in 1991 at the start of his career and soon found himself designing dachas, homes, and offices for Russia’s mega-rich. He has since been revealed as “Putin’s architect,” the creator of a sprawling palatial residence in southern Russia allegedly built for the country’s president.


Ballot Boxes Close In Ukraine

The turnout is estimated at 47 percent in local elections that evidenced numerous irregularities, including a dispute in the strategic Mariupol and Krasnoarmiisk districts that prevented balloting from taking place. Exit polls show the "Petro Poroshenko Bloc" won seats in most city and regional councils. (In Ukrainian)

The Power Vertical Podcast: Backyard Brawl

Despite all eyes being on Syria, the battle for influence between Russia and the West on the Eurasian landmass has not abated, with the Kremlin deploying corruption, coercion, and active measures to keep these countries in its orbit.

Russian Armaments Factories Add Shifts

Employees of a Russian missile factory are working additional shifts in response to the demand for arms to supply the military operation in Syria, while the Russian navy makes an urgent purchase of eight transport ships from Turkey. (In Russian)

Medinsky: The Man Behind The Golden Mask?

Russian theater critics are furious about the makeup of the jury for the country's most prestigious theater awards, claiming that it reflects an effort to inject a dose of patriotism into the proceedings.

Russia Accuses Crimean Tatar Mejlis Of Extremism

Russia’s prosecutor general has been asked to investigate the Crimean Mejlis for extremist activities, including allegations that the assembly has sought to block economic activity on the peninsula, and associates with right-wing nationalist movements and the militant group Islamic State. (Current Time TV)

Svetlana Alexievich Responds To Lukashenka’s Criticism

The Nobel laureate rebuffed a statement in which Belarus President Alyaksandr Lukashenka condemned "certain artists" for criticizing Belarus and called them "poor sons" of their country. (Current Time TV)

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