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A Ukrainian deputy Tries To Save Himself From Temptation: “God, Please Raise My Salary!” (RFE/RL Ukrainian Service)


VOX POP: EU Or Russia -- What's Best For Moldova?

As Moldova holds presidential elections on October 30, we ask voters whether they want their country to look East or West.

Activists In Odesa Protest Senstov Arrest

Members of several Ukrainian organizations, including the Council of Public Safety, Automaidan, and the Right Sector, protested near the Russian consulate in Odesa demanding the release of Ukrainian film director Oleg Sentsov and other Ukrainian political prisoners detained in Russia. (In Ukrainian)

Makhachkala -- Trash Capital Of The Russian Federation?

Residents of Makhachkala,the capital of Russia’s Dagestan Republic, complain about piles of trash that lie on the city’s central streets. (In Russian, Current Time TV)

The End Of The Calais 'Jungle'?

France has begun to empty out the “Jungle” of Calais, in an operation that will last up to one week and will see the migrants relocated to centers all over the country.


Russia's Media Regulator Plans To Block LinkedIn

Russian media regulator Roskomnadzor has asked a court to authorize the blocking of the U.S. professional-networking website LinkedIn.

Spain Reviewing Permit For Russian Flotilla

The Spanish Foreign Ministry is reviewing a permit that has been issued to allow a Russian Navy flotilla to resupply at the port of Ceuta.

Kadyrov Breaks Ground For Europe's Tallest Building

Construction of the $1 billion, 1,427-foot Akhmat Tower is underway in Chechnya’s capital, Grozny. Authorities claim that the building complex will be financed through private sources, though many observers expect that the Russian Federation’s budget will also be tapped. (In Russian)

SCHEMES: Russian Contractor To Build Kyiv Metro

RFE/RL’s investigative program Schemes reports that the tender to build a new metro line in Kyiv has been awarded to a company that appears to be registered in the U.S., but whose beneficiary is Russian businessman Valeriy Abramson. (In Ukrainian)

Big Business Continues To Evade Sanctions In Crimea

The Lithuanian supermarket chain Novus operates under its trademark sign in Crimea, while being registered under a different name in Sevastopol and, according to employees of the store, managed from Kyiv. (Russian and Ukrainian, RFE/RL’s Crimea Reality website )

Montenegrin PM Resigns, Suggests Russia Behind Alleged Coup Plot

Montenegro's Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic has resigned, hours after suggesting that Russia was involved in an alleged coup attempt on the country's election day and accusing the opposition of collaborating with the Kremlin.

Kyrgyz Government Resigns After Coalition Collapse

The Kyrgyz government of Prime Minister Sooronbai Jeenbekov has formally resigned following the collapse of its coalition earlier this week.

Kazakh Man Convicted Of Terrorism In Aqtobe

A court in Kazakhstan's northwestern city of Aqtobe has sentenced a man to 12 years in prison after convicting him on terrorism charges.

Uzbekistan - The Most Generous Country In The Former USSR

The World Giving Index 2016, published by the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) has ranked Uzbekistan the most generous nation among post-Soviet countries, and 11th out of 140 countries worldwide. According to the report, over 67 percent of the population is willing to help a stranger, 62 percent donates money to charitable causes, and 27 percent volunteers. (In Russian, Current Time TV)

MOST READ/RUSSIA: Putin Is Confident, But Not Lord Of The Rings

Discussing current relations between Russia and the West, British journalist Edward Lukas told RFE/RL that Western countries are slow both to determine the impact of, and respond to, the Kremlin’s “hybrid” methods. (almost 50K views on Russian Service website)

IN MEMORIAM: Edward Allworth --The Last Of The Great Masters Of Central Asian Studies

INFOGRAPHIC: Side Effects Of EU Sanctions On Russia

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