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"Click" -- The Russian Selfie Stick (RFE/RL Russian Service"
"Click" -- The Russian Selfie Stick (RFE/RL Russian Service"


Family Buries Soldier Who Died In Syria

Relatives of the first Russian soldier to be confirmed dead in Syria buried the 19-year-old man, as more doubts emerged about the exact cause of his death.

As Central Heating Falters, Russians Fall Back On Firewood

Residents of the town of Brusyany in Russia’s eastern Urals region are relying on old-fashioned wood-fired stoves to heat their apartments this winter.

Ashgabat Urban Renewal

Exclusive video from Ashgabat documents a “beautification campaign” in which thousands of homes have been demolished. Reports suggest the campaign is in preparation for the 2017 Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games. Amnesty International estimates that some 50,000 residents have been forcibly evicted from their homes.


The Power Vertical: Putin's Mafia Statecraft

Vladimir Putin's regime has become increasingly adept at deploying a whole range of practices that are more common among crime syndicates than permanent members of the UN Security Council.

Russian Companies To Rebuild Syrian Provinces

A member of Russia’s Duma claims that during his recent trip to Moscow Syrian President Bashar Al Assad identified areas in the country that need to be rebuilt, and suggested the construction contracts, worth billions of dollars, would be given to Russian companies. (Current Time TV)

Russian Defense Chief Accused Of Owning $18 Million Mansion

Opposition leader Aleksei Navalny and his team of muckrakers have published revelations that Sergei Shoigu owns an $18 million mansion that he purportedly controls by registering it in the name of family members.

Moscow Charges Librarian with Incitement

The Director of Moscow’s Library of Ukrainian Literature in Moscow has been arrested and charged with inciting ethnic hatred following allegations that she distributed books associated with a far-right Ukrainian organization. (Current Time TV)

Jailed Ukrainian Pilot, Nobel Winner Compare Notes On Putin

Nadia Savchenko and Svetlana Alexievich have never met, but each has strong words for Russian President Vladimir Putin, including his macho stunts broadcast on Russian TV.

Belarus Tribunal Pursues Communism's Mass Graves

On October 29, the Day For Remembrance of Victims of Political Repression, a Belarus tribunal that investigates crimes committed under Stalin demanded access to KGB and other archives to identify remaining mass graves. (In Belarusian)

Daughter Of Jailed Azeri Activists Fears They'll ‘Die Behind Bars’

Dinara Yunus, daughter of jailed Azeri rights defenders Leyla and Rauf Yunus, told an October 28 Capitol Hill briefing that she fears her parents will die in prison.

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