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Instructions for E-Declaration: “Please Declare All Your Assets” (RFE/RL Ukrainian Service)
Instructions for E-Declaration: “Please Declare All Your Assets” (RFE/RL Ukrainian Service)



President Vladimir Putin has called for a law defining the Russian nation. But what does the Kremlin leader have in mind?

Depositors Of Ukraine’s Failed Banks Hold Protest

Holders of accounts in several bankrupt Ukrainian banks gathered at Kyiv’s National Anti-Corruption Bureau to accuse National Bank officials of helping the owners of the failed banks rather than their depositors, and to demand an investigation of National Bank head Valeria Gontareva. (in Ukrainian)

Mothers Of The Missing In Daghestan Demand Action

Women in Russia's Daghestan region protested against the kidnapping of their children, and once more called on authorities to investigate the disappearances.

The Rotten Bridge

A rickety wooden bridge is a fragile lifeline for inhabitants of a small Russian village.


Microsoft Says Russian Hackers Exploiting Flaw In Windows System

Microsoft has warned of a vulnerability in its popular Windows software that is being exploited by a Russian hacking group suspected of attacking U.S. political institutions this year.

Amnesty International Barred From Moscow Offices

Authorities in Moscow have sealed the offices of the rights watchdog Amnesty International, preventing staff from getting inside, the office's chief has said.

Jailed Russian Activist Alleges Torture, Threats In Prison

Jailed Russian opposition activist Ildar Dadin has accused a prison warden of overseeing the systematic torture of inmates and of threatening to kill him.

Official Announces HIV Epidemic In Russia's Fourth-Largest City

A Russian Health Ministry official says the HIV infection rate in the Urals city of Yekaterinburg has reached epidemic levels.

Ukrainian Lawmakers Reject Bill To Double Salaries

Ukrainian lawmakers have rejected a bill that would have at least doubled their salaries, amid a public furor caused by recent disclosures of government officials’ assets and income.

Ukrainian Declarations Making Headlines In Russia

Ukrainian commentators note that Russian state media is actively reporting on Ukrainian officials’ asset and income declarations, exploiting the opportunity to demonstrate that even after the Euromaidan revolution, the country’s in bad shape. (in Ukrainian)

Impunity And War Threaten Journalists In Ukraine

On the International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists on November 2, Ukrainian journalists told RFE/RL that, in addition to war, authorities’ reluctance to prosecute crimes against media workers is a leading threat to their safety. (in Ukrainian)

Poll Shows More Ukrainians Support NATO

The number of Ukrainians who support their country joining NATO has increased, while their feelings toward Russia are "cold," according to a new U.S. and Canadian-supported opinion poll.

Moldova's Pro-Moscow Presidential Front-Runner Says Open To EU Partnership

Igor Dodon, who won the first round of Moldova's presidential election and is seen as having strong leanings toward Russia, says he will seek to maintain good relations with both Brussels and Moscow if elected.

Azerbaijan’s Foreign Currency Reserves At Critical Level

Economist Samir Aliyev says Azerbaijan’s foreign currency reserves are at just over $4.005 billion, a 9-year low. During the month of October alone, reserves fell by 3 percent,or $127.2 million. (in Russian)

ANALYSIS: Will Georgia's Ruling Party Use Super-Majority For Common Good?

Election results delivering the ruling Georgian Dream-Democratic Georgia party a constitutional majority (at least 113 of the total 150 mandates) in the country’s new parliament have prompted a range of views as to the likely impact of the concentration of power.

MOST READ/RUSSIA: The Balkans’ Little Green Men

Balkan experts believe that Russia sought to influence recent elections in Montenegro to halt the country’s accession to NATO in 2017. Slobodan Jovanovic, a columnist for the Montenegrin website Analytics told RFE/RL, “The Montenegrin opposition parties are very close to [the Russian ruling party] United Russia, and their representatives regularly travel to Moscow to sign joint documents...There is no doubt that Russia financed the opposition.” (over 45K views on Russian Service website)

INFOGRAPHIC: Open For Business

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