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RFE/RL Ukraine correspondent Nazar Vilnyi photographed Crimea’s big cats in the peninsula’s Taigan Park.
RFE/RL Ukraine correspondent Nazar Vilnyi photographed Crimea’s big cats in the peninsula’s Taigan Park.


Flowers Laid At Russian Embassies

Flowers and candles were laid at Russian embassies across the former Soviet Union after the air crash in Egypt that killed 224 people -- nearly all of them Russians.

Elections Preserve Aliyev Grip In Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan’s November 1 parliamentary elections presented no surprises, with President Ilham Aliyev’s ruling party declaring victory by a landslide amid doubts over the fairness of the poll.

Kerry In Kazakhstan: Terror Threat No Excuse To Lock Up Foes

Addressing students at Kazakhstan’s Nazarbaev University, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry praised the country’s leadership in countering Islamic extremism, while

warning that governments must not use terrorism as a pretext for suppressing dissent.

Zombies At Ukrainian Cabinet’s Gate

Zombies gathered and left garlic at the gates of the building in a stunt meant to “drive out evil spirits and other impurities” associated with Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk. (Ukrainian Service)


INFOGRAPHIC: Why Did Flight 9268 Fall From The Sky?

RFE/RL looks at the main scenarios under consideration in the wake of Russia's worst-ever air disaster: a missile, 'lockerbie' scenario, human error, and earlier tail strike.

The Power Vertical: Perestroika, Putin-Style

Russian President Vladimir Putin has launched his own perestroika -- albeit in reverse. The elite is being asked to steal a little less. And the public is being asked to sacrifice a lot more.

Kazakhstan (Finally) Designates IS As Terror Group

Astana finally designated the militant group Islamic State a terrorist organization, long after its neighbors in the region did so, raising questions about the delay.

Bribes Double As Corruption Rises

The average size of bribes doubled in Russia during the first half of 2015, contributing to an overall increase in corruption inside the country. According to the Interior Ministry, the typical bribe ranged from 150 000 to 200 000 rubles ($2,037 - $3,156). (In Russian)

Assassination Attempt On Ukraine’s Attorney General

A sniper fired three shots in an attempt to assassinate Victor Shokin in his office on Monday evening. (Current Time TV)

Nobel Winner Alexievich Calls For 'Revolution In The Minds Of People'

Nearly a quarter-century after the collapse of the communist Soviet Union, Alexievich suggested that people's mindsets remain the biggest block to change in her native region and worldwide.

Tymoshenko Party Digs In Heels On Financial Package

The party has announced that they will not vote on any bill until a bundle of new legislation on tariff reductions, pension taxes, import duties and sales of land. (In Ukrainian)

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