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Ukraine’s New Bestseller -- Officials’ E-Declarations (RFE/RL Ukrainian Service)
Ukraine’s New Bestseller -- Officials’ E-Declarations (RFE/RL Ukrainian Service)


THE POWER VERTICAL: The Myth Of The Grand Bargain

Russia doesn’t want compromise; it wants capitulation.

Ukraine’s Commando Unit ‘KORD’

Ukraine’s special commando unit “KORD” conducted training exercises under the supervision of a U.S. Department of Justice anti-narcotics unit at Kyiv’s Boryspil airport. (in Ukrainian)

Montenegro's NATO Bid Going 'Smoothly'

NATO Deputy Secretary-General Rose Gottemoeller, in Montenegro during recent NATO exercises, said the tiny Balkan nation’s bid to join the alliance is progressing smoothly despite strong opposition from Russia.

'Game of Thrones' On Ukraine's Front Lines

Soldiers and volunteers fighting near Avdiyivka in eastern Ukraine have built a massive throne out of spent munitions -- an homage to the throne of swords seen in a hit TV show.

Steven Seagal, Russian Citizen

President Vladimir Putin has awarded Russian citizenship to U.S. action movie actor Steven Seagal -- the latest of several Western celebrities to gain citizenship there.


Russia Marks Unity Day With Rallies, Marches

Nationalists and government supporters are marching through the streets of Moscow as Russia marks National Unity Day.

Top Russian Judge Calls For ‘Postsecular' Legal Framework

Russian Constitutional Court Chairman Valery Zorkin has called for a “post-secular” legal framework to address the world’s "increasing danger of lawlessness."

Amnesty Allowed To Return To Moscow Office

Staff of the rights watchdog Amnesty International can return to the Moscow office they were evicted from, Reuters news agency quotes a Kremlin adviser as saying.

Poroshenko Says Elite Must Justify Assets

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko told an audience at an economic forum in Lviv on November 3 that, having declared their assets and income, the country’s officials would now be expected to explain how they acquired their wealth. (in Ukrainian)

Inside The Ukrainian 'Hacktivist' Network Cyberbattling The Kremlin

RUH8, a member of a Ukrainian "hacktivist" collective that claims responsibility for supplying Ukrainian intelligence services with emails belonging to Kremlin advisor Vladislav Surkov, spoke to RFE/RL about digital subterfuge in Russia and Ukraine.

Rewards Offered For Capture Of North Caucasus Insurgency Leaders

Chechnya’s Interior Ministry and Federal Security Service directorate have posted rewards of up to 5 million rubles (approximately $80,000) for information leading to the capture of two North Caucasus militants who pledged allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in 2015.

Russia, NATO Hold Military Drills In Balkans

Russian paratroopers have launched joint exercises with Serbian military units at the same time as NATO is holding exercises in neighboring Montenegro.

Former Romanian President Becomes Moldovan Citizen

Former president Traian Basescu of Romania became a Moldovan citizen on November 3 and said he may get politically involved there.

Rights Watchdog Urges Azerbaijan To End Harassment Of Lawyers

The human rights watchdog Freedom House has called on the Azerbaijani government to stop what it calls the harassment of two lawyers known for representing political prisoners.

Armenia, Iran Sign Deal To Increase Gas Imports, Power Flows

Armenia is looking to increase imports of natural gas from neighboring Iran after the two countries signed an agreement earlier this week.

U.S. Judge Extends Deadline For Talks On Funds Tied To Karimov's Daughter

U.S. judge Andrew Carter has again postponed a deadline for federal authorities to agree with Uzbekistan over what to do with hundreds of millions of dollars linked to Gulnara Karimova.

Russia Threatens Tajikistan Over Airport Dispute

Russia has warned that a dispute between Moscow and Dushanbe over the status of a new Russian international airport may lead to the suspension of all flights to Tajikistan.

Tajikistan Criminalizes Insulting The President

A government decree has enacted a 5-year prison sentence or fine as punishment for insulting the head of state. (in Russian, Current Time TV)

COMMENTARY: Russian Unity Does Not Exist

Writing for RFE/RL, journalist Oleg Kashin critiqued the concept of Russian Unity, saying that instead of a broad social contract, “there are several bilateral agreements in Russia between public authorities and different parts of the nation” -- oligarchs, the military. “True national unity is possible only if each of these contracts is terminated and a new one, against the government, is put in place. (in Russian)

COMMENTARY: Breaking Down Surkov’s Donbas Links

Kirill Mikhailov, an expert at the Moscow-based Conflict Intelligence Team, takes a close look at many newly released emails belonging to Kremlin advisor Vladislav Surkov. They show Surkov’s deep involvement in promoting the Donbas’s autonomy in Ukraine during 2015, but also how the project failed on his terms. (in Russian)

PHOTOGALLERY: Serbian Photographer On The Front Lines Of History

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