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Photogallery: Ancient Sites In Kosovo, UNESCO's Likely Next Member
Photogallery: Ancient Sites In Kosovo, UNESCO's Likely Next Member


Fingerprints First - Then Cutlets

Russia is testing new technology aimed at cutting the cost of feeding its troops by requiring each soldier to submit to a fingerprint scan before receiving food. (Current Time TV)

The Last Holdouts In A Ukrainian Ghost Town

In the village of Pisky, in Ukraine's war-torn Donetsk region, just a handful of residents still live in the ruined houses and apartment blocks, surviving on sparse food donations from humanitarian organizations and volunteers.


Russia Will Issue Bonds In Yuan In 2016

Russian National Bank Chief Sergei Shvetsov has announced that Russia will provide bond market access to Chinese investors, adding that he expects China will play an independent role in the Russian debt market in five years. (In Russian)

Russian Tourist Industry Braces for Market Crash

With the possibility that many Russians will opt against travel to Egypt for the foreseeable future, Russia’s tourist industry, which is highly dependent on Egypt’s southern Sinai destinations, is bracing for hard times. (In Russian)

Short on Rubles, Russians Spend More for Foreign Currencies

As real wages continue to fall, Russians are spending more of their money to purchase foreign currencies. (In Russian)

Ukraine, Baltic Leaders Blast Russian-German Pipeline Plan

The plan for a second Nord Stream pipeline would funnel natural gas from Russia to Germany under the Baltic Sea, bypassing Ukraine and Poland.

Parliamentary Delays Imperil Ukraine - EU Visa-Free Regime

With a November 9 deadline looming, Ukraine’s parliament has passed only five out of 13 laws required to adopt a visa liberalization regime with the EU. (In Ukrainian)

Ukraine’s Ex-Justice Minister Detained

Ukraine's Security Service says former Justice Minister Olena Lukash has been detained in connection with an investigation into deadly shootings during the 2014 Maidan protests.

Norway Arrests Former VimpelCom CEO In Uzbek-Related Probe

The arrest of the telecom executive on November 4 is the latest twist in a multinational corruption case that has exposed illicit transactions by European companies seeking access to the mobile market in Uzbekistan, Central Asia’s most populous country.

INFOGRAPHIC: A Look At UN's Biggest Naysayers

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