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Free Your People From Slavery (RFE/RL Russian Service)


Azeris Hold Protests In Iran Over Racial Slur

A popular Iranian children's program was cancelled after it caused controversy on November 6 with an episode depicting an ethnic Azeri brushing his teeth with a toilet brush.

The Daily Vertical: The Cost Of Putinism

The Kremlin leader's popularity during the first two terms was driven by his ability to deliver things that the Russians never had before - rising living standards, consumer choice and nice foreign vacations. In his third term, Putin is asking Russians to sacrifice these things in the name of imperial revival.


Fighting Continues In Donbass

Separatists say that Ukrainian forces tried to break through the line of defense in Debaltseve, while Ukraine says that the town of Popasnaya is being shelled. (Current Time TV)

Crimea, Donbass, and Belarus Next?

Patriotism, renewed self-confidence, and the Kremlin’s media machine could help mobilize public support for a new political adventure in which the annexation of Belarus is the “the way back home” to a greater, expanded Russia. (In Ukrainian)

Kremlin Rejects Charges Of Systemic Doping

The response comes one day after an anti-doping commission report detailed systemic and widespread offenses over many years that include tampering with samples, bribery, subterfuge, and fraud.

"Memorial" Accused of Undermining Constitutional Order

Russia has accused the rights group of calling for the overthrow of the current government. (Current Time TV)

Every Tenth Political Prisoner In Russia Is Ukrainian

Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and local human rights groups claim that Russia has jailed dozens of Ukrainian citizens over the last two years on politically motivated charges. (In Ukrainian)

Demand For Change Remains Strong In Ukrainian Society

President Poroshenko’s 32 percent approval rating is the highest in the country, but down 50 percent from year. The army is the most trusted institution among 74 percent of respondents, with the judiciary most trusted by only 13 percent. (In Russian)

Has Chechen Leader Laid Himself Open To Criminal Charges?

Chechen strongman Ramzan Kadyrov has released some 20 young men who have allegedly plotted to kill him in a move seen as a PR stunt. Does this open him up to charges of willfully concealing the intent to commit a terrorist act?

Witch Hunt In Tajikistan

Tajik authorities have unleashed a crackdown against a group of alleged Islamic terrorists, among whom are persons who were previously members of Tajikistan's government and partners in a peace deal that lasted 18 years.

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