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Photogallery: Eastern Ukraine On Brink Of Humanitarian Crisis As Winter Looms (RFE/RL Ukrainian Service)
Photogallery: Eastern Ukraine On Brink Of Humanitarian Crisis As Winter Looms (RFE/RL Ukrainian Service)


Azeri Activist Arif Yunus Released From Prison

The activist wasted no time in demanding that his 59-year-old wife Leyla, also in failing health, be released.

Russian Artist Slams FSB 'Terrorism'

Detained performance artist Pyotr Pavlensky told journalists that his attempt to set fire to the FSB was a “ the face of terrorism.”

Russia Truckers Protest New Road Tax

Truckers across Russia have blocked highways to protest a new road tax on heavy vehicles, and are threatening a nationwide strike on November 15.

Uzbek Dissident Released After 21 Years

Leading Uzbek opposition leader Murat Juraev has been released after 21 years in prison on charges of seeking to overthrow the government.


The Power Vertical: The Heirs Of Putinism

They run banks, pension funds, and electric companies. They're oil and gas executives. They're worth billions. And most of them are under 40. Meet the children of Vladimir Putin's cronies.

Is Ukraine Cease-Fire In Trouble?

Regardless of who is prosecuting it, fighting is taking place on a daily basis in Donetsk, with dozens of reports every evening from residents on social media.

Russian TV 'Mistakenly' Airs Plans For New Weapon

For a few seconds on November 10, evening news programs showed a document with drawings and details of a planned Russian nuclear-capable underwater drone that would be launched from a submarine, dubbed Status-6.

Russia To Close Centers For Ukraine Refugees

Russia says it will close facilities by December 31, 2015, forcing refugees to apply for legal status in Russia or return to Ukraine. (Current Time TV)

Ukraine To Stop Electricity Imports From Russia

The Ukrainian public utility “Ukrenergo” has removed all restrictions on its Rivne nuclear power plant and says it will supply the country’s domestic demand for electricity. (In Ukrainian)

Casino Opens In Russia After Six-Year Ban

The country’s largest casino has opened in the far-east near Vladivostok. Two billion dollars have already been invested in the project, which Russian media are calling “Pacific Las Vegas.” (In Russian)

Saakashvili Not Seeking Prime Minister’s Post

“I do not want any position...and I do not intend to become the prime minister, but I really want Ukraine to have a functional government,” the Odesa mayor said. (In Ukrainian)

The Never-Ending War: Testimonies From Inside Russia’s Prison System

Hundreds of Chechens are languishing in Russia’s network of prisons, although full-scale fighting in Chechnya ended 15 years ago. RFE/RL spoke with prisoners, their family members, and a prison guard - all trapped in a horrific spiral of impunity and violence.

Dollar At Historic High In Belarus

The National Bank of Belarus reported today that the US dollar rose by 124 points, up to 17,869 rubles, and the euro rose by 198 points - to 19 249 rubles. (In Belarusian)

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