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INFOGRAPHIC: How Russia Has Implemented Its 'Foreign Agent' Law
INFOGRAPHIC: How Russia Has Implemented Its 'Foreign Agent' Law


How Russia Has Implemented Its 'Foreign Agent' Law


Russian Ambassador Calls RT ‘Friends’ And ‘Colleagues’

In remarks to journalists in Washington, Russia's ambassador to the U.S. Anatoly Antonov commented on the Kremlin-funded RT television channel, calling its contributors "friends" and "colleagues," and describing their work as "the first assistant" of Russian diplomacy. (Current Time TV)

VOX POP: Who, In Your View, Embodies Russian TV?

The majority of respondents to an informal street poll in Moscow said that prominent TV host Vladimir Solovyov, from the Kremlin-financed channel Russia 1, embodies Russian TV. Several expressed dissatisfaction with his show, and one said Solovyev and Dmitry Kiselyov, the anchor of the widely watched Sunday night talk show Vesti, are “synonymous with propaganda.” Some respondents named popular TV entertainment hosts. (Russian Service)

Russian Classic: New Wave Of Music Dedicated To Putin

Pop music, rock, ballads, buskers, -- there is almost no musical genre left in which there is no song dedicated to Russian president Vladimir Putin. RFE/RL has compiled some of the greatest hits. (Current Time TV, Crimea Realities website)


Following Duma Vote, Russian Justice Ministry Issues Warnings To RFE/RL

Russia's Justice Ministry has issued warnings to at least three RFE/RL news services, as Russia's lower house of parliament passed legislation targeting foreign-funded media outlets in the country.

Amnesty Calls Russian Law On Foreign Media 'Serious Blow' To Journalists

Russia's State Duma on November 15 passed legislation that would allow for the designation of foreign media organizations in the country as “foreign agents” and require them to declare full details about their funding, finances, and staffing.

U.S. Pledges To Hold Perpetrators Responsible On Magnitsky Anniversary

Marking eight years since whistle-blowing lawyer Sergei Magnitsky died in a Moscow jail, the United States has pledged to continue enforcing legislation imposing sanctions on Russians over human rights abuses.

Putin Speaks Directly To Separatist Leaders, Presses Prisoner Swap

In a rare acknowledgement of direct contact with separatist forces, Russian President Vladimir Putin has told Moscow-backed separatist leaders in Ukraine's eastern regions that he favors a plan for a prisoner swap with Kyiv.

Kyiv Welcomes 'Any Steps' By Russia To Revive Exchanges With Separatists

Ukraine's main security agency says it welcomes "any steps" by Russia that would facilitate exchanges of people held by Kyiv and the Russia-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine.

Sechin No-Shows Provide New Twist In Kremlin Power Game

There was a sense of inevitability as Igor Sechin, the powerful CEO of Russia’s sprawling state oil giant and a trusted lieutenant of President Vladimir Putin, failed to turn up in court this week -- not once, but twice.

Sobchak To Be Nominated By Civil Initiative Party

Presidential hopeful Ksenia Sobchak will run for the Russian presidency backed by the Civil Initiative party, which is led by former Russian Economy Minister Andrei Nechaev. Sobchak said she and the party share similar views on the “future of the peoples of Russia, freedom, and human rights.” (Russian Service)

WADA Says Russia Still Not Complying With Anti-Doping Rules

The World Anti-Doping Agency has dealt a blow to Russia's hopes of being cleared to compete at next year's Winter Olympics by declaring that Russia is still not complying with anti-doping mandates.

Armenian Defense Ministry Takes Offensive To Close Deferment Loophole

The Armenian military has set its sights on potential conscripts who may not be so eager to join its ranks, giving students an offer they literally can no longer find a way to refuse.

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