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“I’ll have a Rusiano, Please!” (RFE/RL Russian Service)
“I’ll have a Rusiano, Please!” (RFE/RL Russian Service)


Rent-A-Mob: Ukraine’s Paid Protesters

Protests have been taking place calling for the head of the Ukrainian National Bank to resign, but some people taking part were paid to participate.

VOX POP: Who Do You Consider To Be The Leader Of The Opposition After Nemtsov Death?

Respondents to an informal street poll in Moscow mentioned Aleksei Navalny and Vladimir Zhirinovsky as leading opposition politicians, but many said currently no opposition exists. (in Russian)

Macedonia's Migrant Misery

Despite the closure of the "Balkan Route" for migrants trying to reach Western Europe, Macedonia is still witness to desperate people straggling through the rain in search of a way past fences and security forces.


Russian Government Spokesperson Suggests Trump Won Thanks To ‘The Jews’

In an appearance that has triggered accusations of anti-Semitism, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova suggested on a nationally televised talk show that money from Jewish people played a key role in Trump's win.

U.S., Ukraine Vote Against Russian Anti-Nazi Resolution At UN

The United States joined Ukraine in voting against a United Nations resolution condemning the glorification of Nazism, citing freedom of speech concerns and saying Russia sponsored the measure as a political attack against Ukraine.

Russia Blocks LinkedIn Social Network

Russia’s telecommunications agency has officially ordered Internet providers to block the professional-networking website LinkedIn.

Moscow Court Rules Levada Center A ‘Foreign Agent’

A Moscow court on Friday, November 17 upheld the decision of Russia’s Ministry of Justice to designate the independent social research organization The Levada Center as a “foreign agent.” (in Russian, Current Time TV)

Depresso: Medvedev Deems ‘Americano’ Politically Incorrect

What coffee drink should a politically correct Russian choose?

Kadyrov Challenges Moscow Over Budget Subsidies

Chechen Republic head Ramzan Kadyrov has picked a fight with Russia’s federal leadership, declaring recently that the budget model proposed by Moscow "is unacceptable for the Chechen Republic."

Depresso: Medvedev Deems ‘Americano’ Politically Incorrect

What coffee drink should a politically correct Russian choose?

Soyuz Capsule Heads For International Space Station

A Soyuz capsule has blasted off from Russia's Baikonur cosmodrome, carrying a three-person crew headed for the International Space Station.

Ukrainian Premier Praises Country’s Economic Growth

In an exclusive interview with RFE/RL, Prime Minister Volodymyr Hroysman said the country’s economy has now grown for three consecutive quarters, and that the government intends to increase pensions and wages.

Ukrainian Parliament Urges EU To Block Gazprom Bypass Routes

Ukrainian legislators on November 15 called on the EU to block the construction of gas pipelines bypassing Ukraine. They condemned Gazprom’s access to the OPAL pipeline, which, when connected with Nord Stream, can enable Russia to bypass Ukraine to supply gas to Europe. (in Ukrainian)

Ukraine’s Top File-Hosting Site Closes Amid Cyberpolice Crackdown

The days of Ukraine being a safe haven for Internet piracy may be ending as the pro-Western Kyiv government tries to come into line with international law.

Saakashvili Says Poroshenko To Revoke His Citizenship

Former Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili, who recently resigned as the governor of Ukraine’s Odesa region, wrote on his social media account that Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has ordered his citizenship revoked. (in Russian, Current Time TV)

Lithuania Suspends Russian TV After Anti-U.S. Comments

Lithuania pulled a Russian state-run television station off the air after a Russian lawmaker was shown criticizing U.S. policy in remarks regulators deemed were an "incitement to war, discord, and hatred."

Extreme Cold, Blizzards Rake Kazakhstan

Temperatures fell to minus 40 degrees Celsius in Oskemen, the capital of the East Kazakhstan region, as extreme cold, heavy snowfall, and blizzards closed schools in the country’s capital, Astana.

Doping Results Strip More Olympic Athletes Of Medals

Ten more athletes, mostly weightlifters and wrestlers from Russia and former Soviet states, have been stripped of medals they won at the 2008 Beijing Olympics after failing doping retests.

MOST READ/RUSSIA: Does Sechin Rule Russia?

Moscow Carnegie Endowment analyst Andrei Kolesnikov and journalist Semen Novoprudsky say the arrest of Economy Minister Alexey Ulyukaev raises questions about the relationship between Rosneft Chief Igor Sechin and Russian President Vladimir Putin, and could suggest that the former is using the latter to solve his business problems. (over 75k view on Russian Service website)

INFOGRAPHIC: Minimum Wage In Post-Soviet Countries

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