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Russian School Takes In Orphans To Stay Open

A village in northern Russia has avoided the school closures that have plagued rural areas and kept theirs open thanks to local teachers and families taking in foster children from orphanages.

A Bullet In The Back: The Deadly Toll Of Illegal Logging In Romania's Mountains

Illegal logging has scarred the mountains of Romania -- and left forest rangers dead. Interpol says forestry-sector crime generates $150 billion a year globally, and environmentalists warn that some of Europe's last virgin forests are under threat.

IRAN: The Protests, Glimpsed Through The Lens Of An Internet Blackout

A government-imposed Internet blackout has reduced Iran’s connectivity with the outside world to 4% of normal levels, making it difficult to verify information about the violent protests that erupted in dozens of cities after gasoline prices spiked on November 15. But social media posts, official announcements, and state media reports offer some clues.


Ukraine Ready To Accept 'Reasonable Compromise' In Upcoming Peace Talks

Ahead of so-called Normandy format talks planned next month on ending the five-year conflict in eastern Ukraine, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Vadym Prystayko said Kyiv is going “with open ideas, an open mind, ready to accept a reasonable compromise.”

Ukrainian Naftogaz Executive Cooperating In U.S. Probe Of Giuliani

U.S. federal prosecutors are planning to interview Andrew Favorov, an executive of the Ukrainian state-owned Naftogaz oil and gas conglomerate, as part of an investigation into the business dealings of Rudy Giuliani and two Soviet-born business associates.

Major Swedish Bank Under U.S. Investigation For Suspicious Russian Money Transfers

Sweden's public broadcaster has reported that U.S. regulators are investigating one of the Scandinavian country's largest banks for suspicious financial transactions involving the Russian weapons manufacturer Kalashnikov.

Law On Individual ‘Foreign Agents’ Passes Second Reading In Duma

The Duma has passed in its second reading a law designating individual reporters working for organizations officially listed as “foreign agents” as “foreign agents” themselves.” The final reading is scheduled for Thursday, November 21. (Russian Service)

Duma Preparing New Bill Criminalizing Training ‘Camps’ For Activists

The Russian Duma is considering legislation criminalizing participation in “camps” that deputies allege help train activists to organize protest rallies. Members of a Duma commission investigating “foreign interference” in Russia’s internal affairs say the camps are funded from abroad. The legislation could be extended to apply to participation in activist and opposition groups online. (Russian Service)

Maria Butina's New Job? Maybe Advocating For Other Russians Held In U.S. Prisons

Only weeks after returning to Moscow having served a sentence in an American prison for working as an unregistered foreign agent, Maria Butina is entertaining job offers, including one from the state human rights commissioner to be an advocate for other Russians who are behind bars in the United States and other countries.

Russia Banking On Crimea Gambling Zone

Plans to open a “Golden Coast” gambling zone in Russia-annexed Crimea are meeting with some skepticism. Similar projects in other Russian regions have not been successful, and the proximity of the 14.6 hectare zone, near Yalta, will compete for visitors with a nearby resort in Sochi. Authorities contend that the opportunity for legal gambling will attract investment to the peninsula and create jobs. (Russian Service)

Bosnia Breaks 13-Month Deadlock With Nomination Of Prime Minister

Some 13 months after a general election, Bosnia-Herzegovina's tripartite presidency has broken a deadlock with the nomination of economist Zoran Tegeltija as the prime minister-designate.

Journalists Resign After Tashkent Mayor's Threats

Two Uzbek journalists have resigned from their posts at an online news site after the influential Tashkent mayor was accused of threatening and insulting three reporters.

Kazakhstan Extradites Former Kyrgyz Lawmaker Convicted Of Role In Organized Crime

Kazakhstan has extradited to Kyrgyzstan former Kyrgyz lawmaker Damirbek Asylbek-Uulu, who was sentenced to 10 years in prison after a court in Almaty found him guilty of planning the illegal smuggling of goods and of participating in the operations of an organized criminal group.

POLL: Number Of Russians Valuing Basic Rights Shows Sharp Increase

Independent Russian pollster Levada Center says the number of Russians citing the importance of basic freedoms has risen sharply. The number of Russians who consider freedom of speech an important human right has grown to 58 percent from 34 percent over the last two years.

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