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Igor Sechin, Head Of Rosneft: “One Day, This Will All Be Mine” (RFE/RL Russian Service)
Igor Sechin, Head Of Rosneft: “One Day, This Will All Be Mine” (RFE/RL Russian Service)


THE POWER VERTICAL: Until The Kremlin Denies It

There is a method to the Kremlin’s denial madness.

Amnesty Calls On Russia To Suspend 'Foreign Agents' Law

Amnesty International says Russia's controversial "foreign agents" law is an "assault on freedom of expression" that has caused dozens of NGOs to curtail their operations and others to shut down.

Ukraine Tank Brigade Takes Aim

Ukraine’s 14th mechanised tank brigade, comprising T64 tanks with 125mm caliber cannon, destroyed its targets at an 85 percent success rate during recent drills. (in Ukrainian)

Kyrgyz Herbal 'Healer' Under Investigation After Patient's Death

Kyrgyzstan has opened a criminal investigation into the practice of a self-described healer who claims to treat cancer with herbal remedies.


Ukraine Marks Third Anniversary Of Euromaidan

Ukraine is marking the Day of Dignity and Freedom, a holiday commemorating the 2013 beginning of the Euromaidan protests that ousted former President Viktor Yanukovych.

Russia Says More ‘Saboteurs’ Apprehended In Crimea

Two more suspected members of a Ukrainian "saboteur group" have been arrested in Russian-annexed Crimea, Russian law enforcement officials say.

Kravchuk Says Sanctions Not Enough, Must Negotiate For Peace

Ukraine's first president Leonid Kravchuk, who helped usher in the peaceful dissolution of the Soviet Union 25 years ago, told a Washington audience that Ukraine's leaders today must find a similarly peaceful resolution of the separatist conflict in the east.

Pentagon To Stop Buying Russian Helicopters For Afghanistan

The Pentagon has notified Congress that it plans to stop buying Russian Mi17 helicopters for Afghanistan and will start buying American helicopters instead.

Russia, China To Push For Free Trade In Asia-Pacific Region

Speaking on the sidelines of an Asia-Pacific economic summit on November 19, the heads of Russia and China said they will push for a free-trade area in the region.

Daghestan Struggles With Disappeared

Following the disappearance of 12 people over a three-week period this fall, people in Daghestan have begun to ban together to protest the continuing cycle of abductions of young people, often later found dead or not at all, by armed, masked men. (in Russian, Current Time TV)

Azerbaijani President Rejects Criticism About Press Freedom

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev has rejected allegations that his government has imposed restrictions on the freedom of the press.

Eight-Year Term Sought For Kazakh Land Reform Protesters

Kazakh prosecutors are seeking eight-year prison terms for two participants involved in mass protests against the country's land reforms earlier this spring.

Kyrgyz Parties Split Ahead Of Elections

Kyrgyzstan’s Respublika and Ata-Jurt political parties are dissolving their merger just weeks before local elections, and about one year before presidential polls.

PODCAST: Reporting From Central Asia -- A Hard Job And Getting Harder

SCHEMES: Special Flight Privileges For Viktor Medvedchuk

RFE/RL’s investigative program “Schemes” has found that despite an official ban on direct flights between Ukraine and Russia, Viktor Medvedchuk, Ukraine’s representative to a subgroup of the Minsk process on humanitarian aid, whose godfather is Russian President Vladimir Putin, flies nonstop. (in Ukrainian)

ANALYSIS: Euromaidan’s Tectonic Changes And Inadequate Reforms

Three years after the Euromaidan protests, analysts acknowledge major improvements in Ukraine, but also increasing public dissatisfaction with the slow progress of reforms and the lack of accountability for crimes committed under the previous regime. (in Ukrainian)

MOST READ/RUSSIA: Putin Worse Than Judas

Speaking to RFE/RL, Alexander Vorobiev, the mayor of the Crimean city of Henichesk, denied claims that he allegedly called Russian President Vladimir Putin to ask for additional gas supplies for residents, but said that for thousands of innocent victims on all sides, and for raising his hand against “a brotherly nation,” Putin is worse than Judas. (over 120K views on Russian Service website)

INFOGRAPHIC: Bribery In Postcommunist Countries

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