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Amidst A Way Of High-Profile Dismissals In Azerbaijan, Ministers Are Trying To Save Themselves (RFE/RL Azerbaijani Service)
Amidst A Way Of High-Profile Dismissals In Azerbaijan, Ministers Are Trying To Save Themselves (RFE/RL Azerbaijani Service)


Activists Gathered In Kyiv To Commemorate “Maidan” Anniversary

Activists, among them Ukrainian parliamentarian and Maidan leader Mustafa Naim,who promised to return to Kyiv’s Independence Square with “more impressive results” every year, sang the national anthem and recalled the revolution that ousted former President Viktor Yanukovych two years ago.

Most of Crimea Still Without Electricity

Ukrainian activists fought with security forces, preventing repairs being made to electricity transmission towers which were blown up over the weekend.

Migrants Protest Restrictions At Macedonian Border

As Macedonia begins filtering out “economic migrants,” about 1,000 people from Iran, Libya, Morocco, Somalia, and Bangladesh, so far denied passage further north, protested on the country’s border with Greece.

NATO Lifts Airspace Restrictions Over Serbia

After 16 years, NATO has lifted airspace restrictions over Serbia that were imposed during the 1999 Kosovo war.


NGOs In Russia Plan To Merge

Russian NGOs are discussing plans to form a "Russian Union of the Third Sector" to protect their interests against rising state-sponsored pressure. (In Russian)

Russia Yields on New Transport Tax

The Russian government has walked back a controversial new levy on long-haul trucks in response to protests waged by their drivers in dozens of cities.

Russia To Increase Fees for Foreign Online Purchases

One option under consideration is to impose a fee of 15 euros for packages whose value exceeds 22 euros, or whose weight exceeds one kilogram. (Current Time TV)

Poroshenko Accuses Russia Of Racist Scandal

The Ukrainian president has accused Russia of involvement in the October 20 incident when, in a match against Chelsea, black players of Ukraine’s “Dynamo” team were beaten by fans. (Current Time TV)

Explainer: What Can Moldova's Crisis Teach The EU?

The European Union faces tough challenges fostering its values farther east, where oligarchs who rule or wield enormous policy influence might not share Brussels' views on corruption and rule of law.

INFOGRAPHIC: Fortress Schengen

The Dutch government has reportedly discussed the idea of creating a "mini-Schengen" of five countries inside the existing Schengen zone. Here's how it would look.

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