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Viktor Yanukovych’s Video Testimony:“So, Are You Going To Stay Silent?”--Please Check The Network Connection (Ukrainian Service)


THE POWER VERTICAL: What Happened To The Europe Ukrainians Died For?

Three years ago, over 100 Ukrainians died for their belief in Europe’s values.

1,000 Toy Soldiers Protest At Russian Consulate Over Crimea

One thousand days after Russia began taking control of the Crimean peninsula, protesters in the Ukrainian city of Lviv placed 1,000 little, plastic, green men outside the Russian consulate in protest.

VOX POP: Should Crimea Be Returned To Ukraine?

Respondents to a street poll in Moscow mostly opposed returning Crimea to Ukraine, asserting that it is Russian. Several said Crimea’s residents should decide, one pointed out that local residents already expressed their preference in a referendum, and one suggested that, in light of sanctions, the question should be discussed in Russia and possibly put to a referendum there. (in Russian)

Russia’s Inflatable Army

The Russian army has something new in its arsenal -- tanks, sewn together and inflated.

Meet the 436-Kilo Pakistani ‘Hulk’

Weighing 436 kilograms, Khizar Hayat Khan claims to be one of the strongest men in Pakistan. Known as the Pakistani Hulk, the 24-year-old weightlifter has bold ambitions of climbing to the top of professional wrestling. (RFE/RL's Radio Mashaal)


Extradition Of Alleged Russian Hacker Sought By Russia And U.S.

The Czech Justice Ministry says that both the United States and Russia have requested the extradition of Yevgeny Nikulin, a 29-year-old Russian citizen who was arrested in Prague on U.S. charges of hacking and data theft.

Russia Deploys Coastal Missile Systems On Kurile Islands

Russia says it has deployed Bal and Bastion coastal missile systems on the disputed Kurile Islands in the Pacific Ocean.

U.S. Criticizes New Russia-Abkhazia Military Force

The United States has criticized a new joint military force between Russia and the breakaway Georgian region of Abkhazia, saying the agreement isn't valid under international law.

European Parliament Adopts Resolution On Russian Propaganda

The European Parliament on November 23 adopted a resolution on “EU Strategic Communications” that declares Russian propaganda part of a hybrid war that seeks to divide the EU and its North American partners, discredit EU institutions, and incite fear and uncertainty among EU citizens. (in Russian, Current Time TV)

UN Chief Calls On U.S., Russia To Resume Nuclear Talks

The United Nations chief has called on Russia and the United States to resume talks to reduce their massive nuclear arsenals.

Video Escalates Dispute Over Detained Russia Soldiers

Ukrainian authorities have released a video showing what they say was the detention of two military deserters who had defected to Russia, escalating a standoff between Kyiv and Moscow.

Kyiv Court Poised To Question Yanukovych

Kyiv’s Svyatoshinsky District Court will determine on November 24 whether it will question former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych by video conference on November 25 in a case against five former members of the Berkut special forces. (in Ukrainian)

Recording Appears To Tie Serbian Nationalist To Crimea Seizure

A Serbian nationalist leader who is accused of plotting to kill Montenegro's prime minister may have helped send fellow Serbian militants to Crimea to support Russia's seizure of the peninsula in 2014, a recorded conversation suggests.

Kadyrov Proposes Recruiting U.S. Instructors To Train Special Forces

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov told Russian media on November 23 that he wants to invite private U.S. instructors to staff a training center for special forces slated to open in Gudermes in 2018, though noted that such assistance could be subject to sanctions. (in Ukrainian)

Lukashenka Supporters To Propose Extending Presidential Term

Belarus’s Liberal Democratic Party, the political party of President Alyaksandr Lukashenka, plans to hold a referendum during the 2018 local council elections on adopting a mixed majoritarian and proportional electoral system throughout the country, and extending the term of presidential office from five to seven years.(in Russian, Current Time TV)

Kazakh Lawmaker Proposes Renaming Capital To Honor Nazarbaev

A Kazakh lawmaker has proposed that the country's capital, Astana, be renamed to honor longtime President Nursultan Nazarbaev.

Turkmen Villagers Fear Afghan Conflict, Quietly

Residents of the Turkmen village of Marchak, located on the border with Afghanistan, say that “bullets are constantly landing in our village,” but Turkmenistan’s government says such reports are untrue.

Turkmenistan President's Son Elected To Parliament

State television in Turkmenistan reported on November 23 that the only son of President Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov has become a parliamentary deputy.

MOST READ/RUSSIA: Russia Is Not Armenia’s Ally

Speaking to RFE/RL about strengthened military cooperation between Yerevan and Moscow, Armenian political scientist Ruben Megrabyan said Russia’s supply of weapons to Azerbaijan in 2010 and its handling of the murder of a Russian soldier at a Russian military base in Gyumri in 2015 show that Moscow is not an ally, but is “only protecting its imperial interests.” (40K views on Russian Service website)

INFOGRAPHIC: Billionaires And GDP

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