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Former Ukrainian President Yanukovych: “I’m The Legitimate Leader! I Didn’t Meet With Anyone! I Don’t Remember!”
Former Ukrainian President Yanukovych: “I’m The Legitimate Leader! I Didn’t Meet With Anyone! I Don’t Remember!”


Kyiv Announces Treason Charge Against Yanukovych

Former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych denied ordering police to fire on protesters during the violent demonstrations that roiled the country nearly three years ago and forced him to flee the country.

Maidan Protesters Call For Yanukovych Arrest

Persons injured during Ukraine’s 2014-2015 Maidan protests and relatives of those who died gathered near Kyiv’s Sviatoshynsky court on November 28 to demand that former President Viktor Yanukovych be jailed. (in Ukrainian)

Massive Chernobyl Containment Shield Moved Into Final Position

The huge structure that will prevent further leaks of radiation from Ukraine's Chernobyl nuclear power plant has been moved into its final position.

Scuffles After Kazakh Gang Rape Trial

Scuffles broke out after a gang rape trial that has caused a sensation in Kazakhstan.


Ukraine Reports At Least 5,000 Russian Troops On Its Territory

Ukraine’s Defense Ministry has said Russia has between 5,000 and 7,500 regular military troops inside Ukrainian territory, not counting the annexed Ukrainian region of Crimea.

New Round Of Minsk Talks Draws Skepticism

The foreign ministers of Germany, France, Ukraine, and Russia gathered in Minsk today for discussions aimed at settling the military conflict in eastern Ukraine. Skeptics say local European elections may distract attention from the talks. (in Belarusian)

Moscow, Kyiv At Loggerheads Over Planned Crimea Missile Tests

Russia said it has had no response from Ukraine regarding its request that Kyiv cancel a planned missile test over Crimea, which Moscow annexed in 2014.

Kadyrov Prepared For Questioning Over Nemtsov Murder

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov has said he is ready to be formally questioned regarding the 2015 killing in Moscow of opposition politician Boris Nemtsov, calling him “Russia’s enemy.”

Allegations Grow Of Prison Torture In Russia

A group of former inmates and convicts' relatives has alleged widespread abuse by staff at a prison in northwestern Russia currently housing high-profile protester Ildar Dadin, who claimed torture earlier this month.

AIDS Infection Rate In Russia Tops BRIC Countries

AIDS has been declared an epidemic in Yekaterinburg, Russia’s fourth largest city, with an HIV infection rate of 1.8 percent, affecting almost every 50th resident. Experts attribute the epidemic to the lack of sex education at schools, low public awareness, and the high cost or low availability of treatment. (in Russian)

Russia Mulling Orthodox Culture Classes For Public Schools

The Russia’s State Academy of Education announced on November 29 a draft proposal to introduce nonmandatory courses on Orthodox culture for students in public primary and secondary schools. (in Russian, Current Time TV)

Russian Biker Proposes Soviet Symbols For Federation Seal

Head of the infamous Night Wolves biker club Alexander Zaldostanov has reportedly appealed to Russian President Vladimir Putin to adopt a new coat of arms featuring a star and stalks of wheat, images that would depict continuity between the Russian Federation, the Soviet Union, and Imperial Russia. (in Russian, Current Time TV)

Russian Poll Shows Increased Support For Improved Relations With West

A poll released by the independent Levada Center on November 29 shows that 71 percent of respondents want stronger economic, political, and cultural ties with the West, up from 50 percent in July 2015.

Ukraine Corruption Watchdog Flip-Flops On President's Spanish Villa

A Ukrainian corruption watchdog has changed its position on whether President Petro Poroshenko should have declared ownership of a Spanish seaside villa, raising questions about the state agency's independence from the presidential administration.

MOST READ/RUSSIA: 28 Panfilov Soldiers

A Moscow theatre has recently premiered “28 Panfilov Soldiers,” a fictional portrayal of members of a military platoon who die heroically defending Moscow from Nazi tanks in 1941. Russia’s Ministry of Culture maintains the film is true, reflecting the government’s need, says historian Boris Sokolov, to propagate “a mythologized picture of World War II as the basis of Russian national identity.” (over 45k views on Russian Service website)

MEDIA ADVISORY: RFE/RL Journalists Stripped Of Accreditation In Tajikistan

INFOGRAPHIC: Is Populism Sweeping Europe?

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