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Photogallery: Remembering The Holodomor In Photographs
Photogallery: Remembering The Holodomor In Photographs


The Daily Vertical: Putin Vs. The World

In addition to wrong-footing the United States, Europe and Turkey, Russian efforts to save Syrian president Bashar Al Assad have irritated South Arabia and the Gulf states.

Torchlight Procession Held In Kyiv

Chanting “heroes don’t die,” activists walked to the offices of the Interior Ministry and the prosecutor general to demand the results of an investigation into crimes committed during the 2014 Euromaidan demonstrations.

In Western Ukraine, New Police Take Up Posts

Head of Ukrainian National Police Khatia Dekanoidze praised the 247 new recruits as they took their oath of service in the city center of Uzhhorod.

Mother Of Georgian Islamic Militant Recruiter Speaks Out

The mother of a Georgian man who appeared in a video calling on Muslims to behead infidels expressed bewilderment at her son's transformation.

Tajiks Prepare To Remove Soviet Column

A monumental column in Dushanbe is swathed in scaffolding as workers prepare to remove one of the city's last major symbols of Tajikistan's Soviet past.


Climate Change And The View From Moscow

With a key UN conference on climate change starting in Paris, RFE/RL takes a look at the enormous environmental challenges facing Russia in the coming decades.

Dissidents No More: Three Russians Who Have Given Up Activism

RFE/RL spoke to three activists who have put away their banners in response to the Kremlin’s tightening grip on independent activism in Russia.

Soros And Related Groups “Undesirable” In Russia

Russia’s prosecutor general has called the organizations "a threat to the fundamentals of the constitutional system of the Russian Federation and the security of the state.” (Current Time TV)

Montenegro's Opposition Says No To NATO

Montenegro's Western-leaning government hopes NATO will offer it membership in December. But pro-Russian parties are seeking to sabotage the prospect with street protests.

Azerbai Theologian Said To Have Been Plotting Coup

Following lethal clashes on November 26 in the village of Nadaran, northeast of Baku, Azeri authorities arrested a charismatic theologian and several associates for planning to “organize mass unrest” and create "a religious state under Shari'a law."

Opposition Block Dominates In Mariupol

Exit polls show that the Opposition Block, comprising many former members of deposed President Viktor Yanukovich’s Party Of Regions, has swept Sunday’s local elections with 66.5 percent of the vote.

Russia Suspends Tourism To Turkey

Russia’s first deputy prime minister has announced that the sale of tours and charter flights to Turkey will cease immediately. (In Russian)

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