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PHOTOGALLERY: Alone In The Mountains Of Daghestan -- The Last Inhabitant Of An Abandoned Village


POWER VERTICAL: I Know You Are But What Am I?

The Kremlin has deflected warnings about hacking Germany’s upcoming elections by accusing Germany of hacking Russia’s parliamentary elections in September.

Ukrainian Civilians Suffer Deadly Fallout Of Land Mines

Last year alone, some 600 people, including many children, were killed or injured by mines or other explosive devices.

Kyiv Theatre Renovation Met With Applause And Criticism

The unveiling of a new facade of the Podil Theater in Kyiv’s historic Andriyivskyy Descent street has drawn applause, but also criticism as detractors say the postmodernist design detracts from the street’s historical appearance and stylistic unity. (in Ukrainian)

Ukrainian Nationalists Protest Over Justice Official’s Immigration Statement

Members of the Ukrainian nationalist organization “Svoboda” called for the resignation of Deputy Justice Minister Serhiy Petukhov, who proposed on social media that Ukraine participate in the EU’s immigrant quota scheme in a bid to expedite visa liberalization with the bloc. (in Ukrainian)


Putin Says Russia 'Not Looking For Enemies'...

President Vladimir Putin told a joint session of parliament and the government on December 1 that Russia would stand up for its own interests, but has no intention of getting involved in any confrontation with other countries.

...And Says The Fight Against Corruption Is Not A Show

In his annual address, Russian President Vladimir Putin accused law enforcement agencies of exploiting high-profile corruption cases, and insisted they be handled with professionalism, seriousness, and responsibility. (in Russian, Current Time TV)

Russia 'On High Alert' As Ukraine Launches Missile Tests

Ukraine says it has started two days of missile tests in the Black Sea, as Russia reportedly put its air-defense forces on high alert on the annexed Crimean Peninsula.

Dadin Placed Under Stricter Conditions

The wife of jailed Russian activist Ildar Dadin, who has claimed he was tortured and beaten in prison, says her husband has been confined to his cell.

Monument To Gulag Victims Vandalized In Russia

A prominent monument commemorating victims of the Soviet gulag system has been vandalized in Russia's Far East.

Russian Hacker’s Lawyer Says Client Is Innocent

The Czech lawyer for Yevgeny Nikulin, the 29-year-old Russian citizen arrested in Prague in October on U.S. charges of hacking and data theft, told RFE/RL’s Current Time TV his client is innocent.

Russian TV Anchor Battles HIV Stigma

Having announced his HIV-positive status on live television one year ago, TV host Pavel Lobkov has become a vocal advocate for changing the way Russians think about people living with the virus.

EU, Rights Groups Condemn Belarus Executions

The European Union has condemned the executions of two convicts in Belarus.

Rise In Foreign Debt Puts Belarus In Default Zone

Belarus’s finance ministry announced that the country’s external public debt rose by 8.2 percent during 2016, reaching $13.5 billion as of November 1, putting the country at risk of a default. (in Belarusian)

EU Urges Kazakhstan To Release Land-Reform Protesters

The European Union is urging Kazakh authorities to release from prison two men who participated in a mass protest against land reforms.

Atambaev Says Russia Must Leave Kyrgyz Military Base

Declaring that Kyrgyzstan should rely on its own armed forces, President Almazbek Atambaev said that Russia’s military will have to leave its base in Kyrgyzstan in the future.

MOST READ/RUSSIA: Resentment And Politics In The Russian Academy

Political commentator Stanislav Belkovskiy says Russian President Vladimir Putin’s recent firing of four candidates running for election to official positions in the country’s Academy of Sciences was motivated by personal resentment, as he “hates the people whom he would like to be, but has never become.” (over 41K view on Russian Service website)

MEDIA ADVISORY: RFE/RL Journalists Stripped Of Accreditation In Tajikistan

INFOGRAPHIC: Russians Reconsider Rapprochement

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