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Yeltsin Center Presents Former Russian President's Legacy (RFE/RL Russian Service)
Yeltsin Center Presents Former Russian President's Legacy (RFE/RL Russian Service)


Photogallery: Yeltsin Center Presents Former Russian President's Legacy


Ukraine Institutionalizes Fight Against Corruption

President Petro Poroshenko congratulated the newly appointed Prosecutor Nazar Holodnytskiy, who will head Ukraine’s National Anti-Corruption Bureau.

Russian Truckers Promise More Tax Protests

Truckers continue to block traffic to protest a new tax collection system, which includes rules requiring them to help pay for highway repairs.

Moldovans Rally For Reunification On Romania's National Day

Moldovan supporters of reunification with Romania placed flowers at a monument in Chisinau on Romania's National Day, while a counter protest took place in support of continuing Moldovan independence.

Sisters Split By Tajikistan's Crackdown On Muslims

Efforts to stem the flow of fighters joining the Islamic State group in Syria have led Tajikistan to impose more and more restrictions on Muslim traditions, fomenting societal divisions.


Documentary: Airport Donetsk

In this brief film, fighters on both sides of the war in eastern Ukraine describe the desperate fight for Donetsk airport, whose capture seems more symbolic than strategic. (Current Time TV)

NATO Opens Door To Montenegro

NATO foreign ministers have agreed to invite Montenegro to join the military alliance in 2017, swiftly prompting a threat from Russia of unspecified retaliatory measures.

Corruption Judged National Security Threat For Ukraine

Thirty percent of Ukrainians consider corruption to be a greater danger to the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity than external threats. (In Ukrainian)

Volleyball, Honor Roll, And Islamic State?

The father of a Moscow student jailed for alleged ties to IS militants believes his daughter has fallen victim to both the extremist group and Russian authorities.

Escape From Terror, War, And Poverty: A Conversation With Kommersant Daily’s Vladimir Yakovlev

Yakovlev, in exile in Israel, told RFE/RL’s Russian Service, “I know that the government does not care about my life and my human well-being. None of my projects have ever had any value for the state, just like myself as a human being.” (In Russian)

Putin Misquote Sets Off Twitter Spree

The Kremlin-funded media outlet RT helped generate a welter of anti-Putin memes after it misquoted a remark he made about Turkey’s downing of a Russian warplane.

The Kremlin’s Czechoslovak Corps

Paramilitary organizations have emerged in Central Europe that make no secret of their sympathies for Moscow and their belief that NATO is scheming to draw Czechs and Slovaks into a "fratricidal war" with Russia. (In Russian)

Thousands Rally In Armenia Against Plan To Change Constitution

Ahead of a December 6 referendum, at least 3,000 protesters demonstrated in the capital city Yerevan against proposed constitutional reforms they say could extend President Serzh Sarkisian's hold on power.

Tajikistan Puts Chinese Yuan Into Circulation

Authorities claim that the US dollar is overvalued, and have encouraged investment in the yuan as an alternative to the local Tajik somoni and to promote stability. (Current Time TV)

New Restrictions Deter Hijab in Uzbekistan

In a developing campaign to restrict the wearing of hijab in public places, authorities are asking women to sign a document abjuring the practice, and imposing fines and administrative arrest on violators. (In Russian)

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