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Настоящее Время признали в России "иностранным агентом". Объясняем, кто мы на самом деле
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Current Time TV Has Been Designated A ‘Foreign Agent’: We Explain Who We Really Are


Police Clash With Saakashvili Supporters In Kyiv

Dozens of Ukrainian police raided a protest camp outside the parliament building in Kyiv early on December 6 in a failed attempt to detain Mikheil Saakashvili, the former Georgian president turned Ukrainian opposition leader.

IOC Bans Russia From 2018 Winter Olympics

The International Olympic Committee has banned the Russian Olympic team from the 2018 Winter Games in South Korea following allegations of a widespread, state-supported doping program.

VOX POP: Muscovites React To Russian Olympic Ban

RFE/RL asked Moscow residents what they thought of IOC’s decision.

Ukraine Tests New Armored Military Vessels In Odessa

Six small armored boats, each named after a different Ukrainian town, took part in tactical combat exercises near Odessa. (Ukrainian Service)


Russian Duma Bars RFE/RL As 'Foreign Agent'

The Russian State Duma has voted to prohibit U.S. media outlets branded by the government as "foreign agents" from entering the lower house of parliament.

Facing Deadline, Saakashvili Is Defiant

Mikheil Saakashvili has vowed that he will continue to resist arrest after his supporters dramatically freed him from custody in Kyiv.

Lavrov Says ‘Key Issues’ Regarding Caspian Legal Status Solved

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said the five Caspian states have agreed on "all the outstanding key issues" regarding the legal status of the Caspian Sea.

Police Report Details Final Days Of Former Russian Press Minister Lesin

A D.C. police report found that Mikhail Lesin, the former Russian press minister who later fell out of favor with the Kremlin, had been drinking heavily in the days prior to being found dead in a Washington hotel in November 2015.

UN Food Program Forced To Suspend Aid To Ukraine As In-Need Population Doubles

The UN World Food Program will stop aid transfers to eastern Ukraine at the end of February due to the lack of funding. The organization’s Ukraine program chief Neil Walker said that over 1 million people in the region are in need of food aid in 2017; 620,000 people were in need in 2016. (in Russian, Current Time TV)

Uzbekistan, Seeking Sea Access, Signs Railway Deal With Afghanistan

Uzbekistan and Afghanistan have signed an agreement to extend a railroad connecting the two countries in a move that may eventually give Uzbekistan a direct link to sea ports.

Turkmenistan, Iran To Seek Mediation Of $1.8 Billion Gas Dispute

Turkmenistan has agreed to seek international arbitration of a dispute with Iran over $1.8 billion Ashbagat says Tehran owes for deliveries of natural gas, Turkmen media report.

OBITUARY: Romania's King Michael: WWII-Era Monarch

Romania's former King Michael, the oldest surviving World War II-era head of state and for decades the patriarch of a waning monarchy, died on December 5 in Switzerland at the age of 96.

PHOTOGALLERY: Artist Brings Stalin’s Victims Into Present Day

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