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Navalny Lays Out Campaign Finance Plan

In a conversation with Timur Olyevsky of RFE/RL's Current Time TV, Russian opposition leader Aleksei Navalny said he will finance his bid for the Russian presidency through small donations from ordinary voters.

Chechen Leader: 11 Militants Killed In Clashes Near Grozny

The leader of Russia's Chechnya region says security forces have killed 11 suspected militants in two clashes near the capital, Grozny.

THE POWER VERTICAL: Putin's Little Helpers

We’re all complicit in turning Vladimir Putin the man into Vladimir Putin the myth and legend.


Russian Activist Alekseyeva Says NTV Interviewed Her Under False Pretenses

Prominent Russian human rights campaigner Lyudmila Alekseyeva says journalists from pro-Kremlin NTV television tricked her into giving an interview by claiming they were with RFE/RL.

Ukraine Nationalizes Country’s Largest Bank

The Ukrainian government says it will nationalize PrivatBank, the country's largest bank, in an effort to rescue the country’s banking system and avoid financial collapse.

U.S. Senator Calls For Single Committee To Probe Russian Hacking

Republican senator John McCain has called for a single, unified committee to investigate the depth of possible Russian hacking during the U.S. election campaign.

FBI Met With Poroshenko Accuser; No Further Talks Planned

The U.S. Justice Department has cut ties with a fugitive Ukrainian member of parliament who said he had turned over damning evidence proving the corruption of Ukraine’s president.

Russian Military Plane Crashes In Siberia, 16 Seriously Injured

The Russian Defense Ministry says its Ilyushin Il-18 plane has crash-landed in northern Siberia.

33 Dead In Siberia After Drinking Body Lotion

Russian authorities say at least 33 people in a Siberian community have died in the past few days after drinking body lotion that contained methyl alcohol, or methanol.

Russian National Guard To Target Extremism And Threats To National Order

First Deputy Commander of the Russian National Guard Sergei Melikov told Russian media that the force will work to prevent threats to Russia’s political system and target any actions that could lead to riots. (in Russian, Current Time TV)

Moscow Bars Human Rights Protest Near Turkmenistan Embassy

Moscow city authorities have refused to allow human rights activists to stage a protest in front of Turkmenistan's embassy in support of jailed Turkmen journalists.

Five Ukrainian Troops Killed In Clashes With Separatists

Ukraine says five of its troops have been killed in clashes with pro-Russian separatists, in some of the worst fighting to hit the eastern Donbas region in months.

Kazakh President Offers To Host Syria Talks

Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbaev has offered to host peace talks between the warring sides in the Syria conflict as part of a plan floated by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

ANALYSIS: Russia's Paramilitary Mercenaries Emerge From The Shadows

The guest list at a lavish Kremlin event marking the Day of Heroes of the Fatherland provides the clearest indication yet of the key role paramilitary mercenary formations have played in Russian foreign policy recently, particularly in Ukraine and Syria.

SCHEMES: Prime Minister Hroysman’s Luxury Kyiv Apartment

RFE/RL’s investigative program “Schemes” reports that Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Hroysman and his family live in Novopecherskie Lypki, one of Kyiv’s most prestigious residential areas, in a property registered to Hroysman’s mother-in-law.(in Ukrainian)

PODCAST: Central Asia At 25

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