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Azeri Oil Balloons (RFE/RL Azerbaijani Service)
Azeri Oil Balloons (RFE/RL Azerbaijani Service)


No Turkish Fruit For 'Patriotic' Merchants In Krasnodar

Since Russia imposed sanctions on Turkish imports, fruit and vegetable prices have risen in the southwestern Russian city of Krasnodar, but sellers remain stalwart.

Armenian Police Block Tents In Liberty Square

As protests against proposed constitutional amendments entered their ninth day, police in Yerevan sought to prevent demonstrators from putting up another tent in the city's Liberty Square.

Saakashvili Defends Georgia’s Reforms Against Russia’s Animosity

In an interview with RFE/RL, former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili, who now governs the Odesa region in Ukraine, predicted defeat for Putin’s Russia.

More Than 50 Killed In Kandahar Airfield Attack

The scale of death and destruction of an attack on Afghanistan’s second-largest military base this week can be seen outside the compound in Kandahar.


The Power Vertical: The Year Of The Troll

Russia's trolling, which kicked into high gear in 2015, aims to needle the West, cheer Russians, and advance the interests of the ruling clique.

Shoigu Says 95 Percent Of Russian Nuclear Facilities On Alert

Russia’s defense minister told a meeting of ministry officials that approximately 200 U.S. nuclear weapons are located in Belgium, Italy, Holland, Germany, and Turkey; and 310 aircraft are stationed at various degrees of readiness in NATO countries. (Current Time TV)

Why Is Italy Stalling On Sanctions?

On December 9, Italy upended what was supposed to be a “done deal” to extend EU sanctions against Russia over its interference in Ukraine. Here are three possible reasons why.

Ukrainian Deputy Hits PM, Tries To Carry Him Away

Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk was at the dais in parliament when Oleg Barna, a deputy with the president’s party, who is insisting on Yatsenyuk’s resignation, approached him with a bouquet of flowers, hit him, and tried to carry him out, sparking a fight. (Current Time TV)

What's In Store For Ukrainian Bureaucrats?

A new civil service law will provide for 30 percent fewer positions, to be selected on a competitive basis. Special pensions and allowances will be discontinued, but incomes will gradually increase. (In Ukrainian)

Russian Businessman's Tirade Goes Viral

A video of Dmitry Potapenko's tirade against the country’s economic policies has set the chattering classes abuzz and gone viral on social media.

What Country Does Medvedev Live In?

Russian journalists sharing their impressions with RFE/RL of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev’s December 9 press conference called his description of a vigorous domestic economy “phantasmagoric.” (In Russian)

Number Of Russians In Poverty Has Increased

Accordinging to the Federal Statistics Service, the number of Russians with incomes below subsistence level has increased by 2.3 million people over the same period last year. (In Russian)

Russian Chain Apologizes For Racist Obama Cutting Board

The director of a supermarket chain in Tatarstan apologized for marketing a cutting board depicting U.S. President Barack Obama in the company of two chimpanzees.

Uzbekistan Plans Demolition of Ancient Andijon Minaret

Officials have released plans to demolish two 13th century Muslim structures and replace them with a fountain.

INFOGRAPHIC: Where Is The World’s Unhealthiest Air?

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