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THE POWER VERTICAL: Does Anybody Remember Crimea?

The Kremlin has been using brute force to help you forget that Crimea belongs to Ukraine.

Moscow Activist Confronts Privileged Parkers

A Russian activist wanted to show how some Moscow motorists enjoy special parking privileges.

Ukraine Unveils New Transport Aircraft AN-132

Ukraine’s state munitions company Antonov has rolled out a prototype of a new transport aircraft AN-132, built in cooperation with Saudi Arabia, with the capability to carry cargo and troops and withstand high temperatures and poor terrain. (in Ukrainian)

Protesters Demand Probe Into Kosovo Activist's Death

Supporters of a Kosovar opposition activist Astrit Dehari, who died in police custody last month, held a rally on December 20 in Kosovo’s capital city, Pristina, to demand a new investigation into his death.

Czechs Upgrade Police Presence After Berlin Attack

At Czech Christmas markets, there were patrols by heavily armed police officers following the attack on a Christmas market in Berlin.


U.S. Adds More Russians To Sanctions List

The United States has levied new sanctions against more Russians for Moscow's actions in Ukraine, hitting well-connected insiders, including the man known as Russian President Vladimir Putin's chef.

Iran And Russia Sharing Military Base In Syria

A top Iranian security official has revealed that Iran and Russia are sharing a military base in Syria where they are coordinating their support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's regime.

Turkey Blames U.S.- Based Muslim Cleric For Russian Envoy's Killing

Turkey has informed the United States that it believes followers of the U.S.-based Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen were responsible for the assassination of Russia's ambassador in Ankara.

Russian Blogger Imprisoned For Post Criticizing Syria Intervention

Russian blogger Aleksei Kungurov has been convicted and sentenced to 2 1/2 years in a penal colony for a post criticizing the government’s military operation in Syria that prosecutors say was sympathetic to terrorism.

Ukraine's Parliament Passes 2017 Budget, Possibly Freeing Up IMF Loans

Ukraine's parliament has approved a budget for 2017, raising its chances of securing more aid from the International Monetary Fund under a $17.5 billion loan package.

U.S. Convicts Man For Supporting Uzbek Radical Group

U.S. prosecutors said they have sentenced a Dutch-Turkish citizen to seven years in prison for providing support to the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, a designated terrorist group.

Kazakh Security Operation Targets Banned Islamic Group

Authorities in Kazakhstan say they have detained 16 suspected members of a banned Islamic group during a major security operation in three parts of the predominantly Muslim Central Asian country.

Russia Threatens To Suspend Tajikistan Flights

Russia has announced that it will suspend flights with Tajikistan as of December 22, after Tajik authorities failed to allow the Russian airline Yamal to conduct flights to Khudzhand from Moscow’s new Zhukovskiy airport. (in Russian, Current Time TV)

Turkmenistan Demands Iran Pay $2 Billion Gas Debt

Turkmenistan claims that Iran owes it $2 billion in a gas debt that predates the imposition of sanctions in 2012. Iran has told Turkmenistan to take any grievances to international courts, and has threatened to cut contracts if Ashgabat threatens to terminate the gas supply in winter. (in Russian)

ANALYSIS: Iran Expands Influence In North Caucasus

Iran is slowly but surely engaging in the Caucasus, apparently with Russia’s approval as a preferred partner in the region to Saudi Arabia. Iranian officials have recently discussed cooperation with their counterparts in Chechnya and signed a cooperation agreement with the Republic of Ingushetia in Moscow, while frequently visiting Daghestan.(in Russian)

COMMENTARY: Slovenia Finds Croatia's Chocolates Not Very Sweet

A map printed on a box of chocolates presented earlier this month by the Croatian Embassy in Slovenia to the country’s leaders as a holiday gift shows an area disputed by the two countries as part of Croatia.

MOST READ/RUSSIA: Playing The Kremlin’s Propaganda Game

Liberal political commentator Grigory Amnuel, a frequent presence on Kremlin-sponsored TV talk shows, says that if he can inject a few words of truth into the brainwashing that millions of viewers are subject to, the game is worth it. (over 50K views on Russian Service website)

INFOGRAPHIC: Deadly Attacks In Europe

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