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Activists And RFE/RL Journalists Detained In Moscow

Moscow police detained seven civil society activists on their way to stage a demonstration at Russia's Federal Security Service headquarters, along with an RFE/RL reporter and cameraman who were covering the event.

Putin Demands Curbs On Surrogate Alcohol After 71 Die In Siberia

Russian President Vladimir Putin has demanded restrictions on the sale of surrogate alcohol after at least 71 people died in the Siberian city of Irkutsk from drinking bath lotion.

Government Troops Killed As Fighting In Eastern Ukraine Intensifies

Ukrainian defense officials say at least seven government troops have been killed around the village of Svitlodarsk since December 18 as fighting with Russia-backed separatists intensified.

Georgians Show Support For Victims Of Aleppo

Protesters gathered in Tbilisi to call attention to the plight of people in Aleppo, amid the ongoing death and destruction of Syria's civil war.

Iran's Rohani Visits Neighboring Armenia

Iran's President Hassan Rohani has arrived in Yerevan for an official visit. He will also visit Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.


Kremlin Says Dialogue With U.S. 'Frozen’

The Kremlin's spokesman said that dialogue with the United States is currently "frozen," and that Moscow does not expect a quick thaw in relations when President-elect Donald Trump takes office.

Russia Bids Farewell To Ambassador Shot Dead In Ankara

President Vladimir Putin placed flowers by the coffin of Andrei Karlov, assassinated in Turkey this week, and the head of the Russian Orthodox Church said his memory would live forever.

Bellingcat Documents Extensive Russian Shelling Of Ukraine In 2014

Open-source investigator Bellingcat says Russia launched "systematic" artillery and other barrages against Ukraine in 2014 that were "essentially an act of war" against its smaller neighbor.

Navalny Team Uncovers Miami Homes Belonging To Russian Mayor

Investigators working for Russian anticorruption crusader Aleksei Navalny have uncovered two luxury Miami apartments allegedly belonging to the mayor of Nizhny Novgorod, Russia's fifth largest city.

Russian Presidential Hopeful Slams Kremlin On Syria, Ukraine

Russia is fighting on the wrong side in Syria, and its aggression has turned Ukraine into a "hostile state," said Aleksei Navalny in an interview with RFE/RL’s Russian Service.

Chechnya Told To Send Two Battalions To Syria

Russian media reports that Chechnya’s leadership has been tasked with forming two battalions, each comprising about 600 people, to be sent to Syria. Russian State Duma deputy Adam Delimkhanov will allegedly oversee the effort. (in Russian)

Four Hurt In Gas Blast Near Moscow Metro Station

At least four people were injured in an explosion near a Moscow subway station that Russian officials say was caused by a leaking gas canister.

Anticipating Arrest, Former Ukrainian Energy Boss Shoots Self

Gennadiy Yuriev, former deputy head of Ukrainian energy giant Naftogaz, shot and killed himself on December 21, ahead of a planned investigation and likely arrest by military prosecutors on suspicion of corruption and abuse of power under former President Viktor Yanukovych. (in Russian, Current TimeTV)

Views Diverge Over Ukraine Budget

Ukraine’s newly passed budget promises to raise minimum wages and increase government revenues, but some deputies say it favors big business, and that many amendments on spending and tax codes were not discussed. (in Ukrainian)

Ukraine Returns Italian Masterpieces To Verona Art Museum

Ukraine returned 17 masterpieces valued at 17 million euros to Italy on December 21 after they were stolen by masked, armed robbers from a Verona art museum last year.

Popular Kazakh TV Journalist Resigns After Faked Interview

A prominent TV journalist has quit his job at Kazakhstan's leading state-run channel after presenting a faked interview last week, colleagues say.

French National Front Struggling To Raise Funds After Russian Lender Fails

France's National Front is struggling to raise the 20 million euros it needs to fund next year's election campaigns, after Russia’s central bank revoked the license of a leading party lender in July.

Turkmenistan Warns State Employees Against Queuing For Food

Amid acute shortages and rising prices, Turkmenistan has threatened to fire state employees found queuing in long lines for food and other products. Security officers monitoring the lines have confiscated phones and detained journalists to prevent any documentation. (in Russian)

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COMMENTARY: An 'Archduke Ferdinand' Moment, Or Middle East Realpolitik?

Far from being a source of increased tension between Turkey and Russia, the assassination of Andrei Karlov could bring them closer together and have repercussions on the ongoing war against the Islamic State extremist group.

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