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(From RFE/RL Russian Service)
(From RFE/RL Russian Service)


Russian Media Tsar Takes Kremlin Spin To Kyrgyzstan

With legislative elections looming in Kyrgyzstan, Russian media are keen to set the narrative, and Kremlin spin doctor Dmitry Kiselyov is on the scene. (Current Time TV)

Moldova Sees More Mass Protests

An estimated 20,000 protesters rallied in the capital city Chisinau on September 27, calling for the resignation of the country's president over the disappearance of $1 billion from three of the country's banks.


NASA 'Upstages' Putin's UN Speech

Vyacheslav Nikonov, a pro- Kremlin member of Russia’s lower house of parliament, has alleged that the U.S. space agency timed the announcement about the discovery of water on Mars to distract the world’s attention from Vladimir Putin’s UN speech.

Two-Thirds Of Russians Are Against Sending Troops To Syria

A Levada Center survey shows 69 percent of Russians object to providing direct military support to Syria. Sixty seven percent favor diplomatic and political support, and 55 percent favor providing humanitarian aid. (Current Time TV)

‘United Russia’ Party Member Challenges Food Embargo

The head of government of Russia’s eastern Perm region, Gennady Tushnolobov, has filed a complaint with Russia’s Constitutional Court contending that the ban on food imports violates his rights to a decent life. (In Russian)

NGO Perm- 36 Designated A ‘Foreign Agent’

In 2001, Perm-36 founded a museum on the territory of a former penal colony to record the political repression that was perpetrated on the site. Perm’s Ministry of Culture has since seized control of the museum, designated its original owners as “foreign agents,” and recast the exhibit from a state-sanctioned point of view. (In Russian)

Ukrainian Prosecution Seeks Life Sentence For Russian Soldiers

Preliminary hearings have begun in the case of Alexander Alexandrov and Yevgeny Yerofeyev, who were captured in eastern Ukraine in May 2015. They face charges of "organizing, participating in, and carrying out aggression against Ukraine,” and “transferring firearms to and assisting a terrorist organization." (In Russian)

Azerbaijan Targets RFE/RL Contributor In Baku

On September 26, Azeri authorities raided the apartment and confiscated equipment belonging to free-lancer Islam Shikhali.

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