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Detained RFE/RL Reporters Leave Egypt: 'We Were Not Treated Well'

Egypt -- A plainclothes policeman (L) runs to attack a foreign journalist during a demonstration in Cairo, 28 January, 2011
Two detained RFE reporters, Robert Tait and Abdelilah Nuaimi, have been released from police custody and flew out of Egypt today.

Tait and Nuaimi were detained by police shortly after arriving in the Egyptian capital Cairo on February 4. They were on their way to report on the ongoing political unrest. Tait is a senior RFE correspondent covering the Middle East, Nuaimi is a reporter for RFE's Iraqi service. Both are U.K. citizens.

According to a brief message, both are "safe and relatively well" and are now en route to Prague. Tait reports that "whatever official statements you might hear about the situation of detained journalists, we were not treated well."

Communication with Tait and Nuaimi has been very difficult over the past three days due to the fact that police confiscated some of their equipment, including phones and cameras. RFE will provide a more detailed account of their detention upon their arrival in Prague.

Another Cairo-based correspondent for RFE's Iraqi service was held and questioned for over two hours at a police check point today. He was traveling to the airport to meet with Tait and Nuaimi.

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