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RFE/RL's Iran Experts Report On President Rohani's UN Visit

President Hassan Rohani waves before entering an airplane upon his departure to the United States to attend the UN General Assembly, at Tehran's Mehrabad Airport, September 23, 2013
As Iran's President Hassan Rohani prepares for his first speech at the United Nations General Assembly, RFE/RL and Radio Farda offer insight into the man many believe may be Iran's great hope for rapprochement with the West.

# LIVE BLOG: Radio Farda's Niusha Boghrati reports from the U.N. (Note: In Persian.)

# No one is watching Rohani's appearance with more interest, expectations, and hope than Iranians themselves. Golnaz Esfandiari reports.

# LISTEN: On Monday Esfandiari spoke about Iran's foreign policy on "To The Point" with host Warren Olney and guests Dennis Ross of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy and Marc Lynch of George Washington University and "Foreign Policy" magazine's Middle East Channel.

# Rohani carries the message of a more flexible Iran, but there are few signs that Tehran is ready for anything other than cautious policy shifts. More from Charles Recknagel.

# For more insight on Iran's new president and the more moderate domestic and foreign policies he says he wants to pursue, RFE/RL turned to four Iran-watchers for their thoughts on the course the country may follow.

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