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RFE/RL Profiles: Outsiders, Outlanders and Just Proudly "Out"

Russia - Natalia Tsymbalova, LGBT-Srtraight alliance coordinator
RFE/RL offers these original features on three distinct "Out" groups:

# Gay athletes and their supporters are preparing to take a stand against Russian laws marginalizing homosexuals during February's Winter Olympics in Sochi. What will they do? And what will be allowed? Correspondent Richard Solash reports. (Graphic titled "Worldwide Protests Against Russia Anti-LGBT Legislation" is available for download.)

# The number of Chechens seeking asylum in Germany and Poland has already more than doubled, compared to last years total. Neither country seems prepared to handle the influx and asylum-seekers appear surprised by the less than welcoming reception. Correspondent Glenn Kates reports from Bialystok, Poland. (Graphic titled "The Road To Potential Asylum" is available for download.)

# With some 12 million people spread across the continent, the Roma are Europe's largest ethnic minority -- and also among its most disadvantaged. German documentary photographer Bjoern Steinz spent time in these Romany communities in eastern Slovakia, often in isolated settlements with crumbling infrastructure on the outskirts of cities and towns.

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