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RFE/RL journalists operate in some of the world’s most restrictive media environments. Learn more about where and how we work to bring audiences trusted news. 

An image of the Radio Farda RFE/RL logo superimposed on an image of a traditional Afghani architecture

Afghan Service

Despite significant pressure from the Taliban, Radio Azadi is one of the most popular and trusted media outlets in Afghanistan.

Languages: Dari, Pashto
An image of the Armenian RFE/RL logo superimposed on an image of classic Armenian architecture

Armenian Service

RFE/RL’s Armenian Service pairs exemplary journalism with digital innovation to become a leading source of credible, independent news.

Languages: Armenian, English, Russian
An image of the Azerbaijani RFE/RL logo superimposed on an image of an old stone building

Azerbaijani Service

Despite near-total government control over the media, Radio Azadliq has built a reputation as a leading source of independent news in Azerbaijan.

Languages: Azerbaijani
An image of the Balkan RFE/RL logo superimposed on an image of a waterway with a bridge over it
Languages: Albanian, Bosnian, Macedonian, Montenegrin, Serbian
An image of the Belarusian RFE/RL logo superimposed on an image of a snowy path leading towards a building in Belarus

Belarus Service

Radio Svaboda overcomes significant censorship and criminal penalties to provide audiences in Belarus with independent reporting. It counters pervasive disinformation and is a trailblazer on social media.

Languages: Belarusian
An image of the Bulgarian RFE/RL logo superimposed on an image of a busy roundabout with a church at the center

Bulgarian Service

RFE/RL’s Bulgarian Service, Svobodna Evropa, provides independent reporting in a media landscape weakened by monopolistic ownership and corruption.

Languages: Bulgarian
The Russian Current Times logo.

Current Time

A 24/7 Russian-language TV and digital network providing an alternative to Kremlin-controlled news and information.

Languages: Russian
An image of the Georgian RFE/RL logo superimposed on an image of a crowded Georgian street

Georgian Service

Radio Tavisupleba provides politically and financially independent journalism in a polarized media landscape.

Languages: Georgian, Russian
An image of the Hungarian RFE/RL logo superimposed on an image of a waterway with a religious building in the background

Hungarian Service

Szabad Európa, a 21st-century update of RFE/RL’s Hungarian Service, provides objective reporting in an EU country that has witnessed the deterioration of a free and independent press.

Languages: Hungarian
An image of the Kazakh RFE/RL logo superimposed on an image of a quiet city street

Kazakh Service

In a propaganda-filled media environment, Radio Azattyq offers informed and accurate reporting that exposes corruption and counters Chinese and Russian disinformation.

Languages: Kazakh, Russian

Briefly…Behind the Scenes of RFE/RL’s Reporting

Iran has forced women to wear the hijab in public for nearly 45 years. But after Mahsa Amini’s death in police custody in September 2022, more and more Iranians have taken to the streets, demanding a change. RFE/RL Video Producer Parisa Sohbati explores their stories in a new podcast for Radio Farda, RFE/RL’s Persian-language service, called “Vida.”

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