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Votvot: Reaching New Russian-Language Audiences

Votvot is RFE/RL’s on-demand Russian-language streaming platform for voices targeted and silenced by the Putin regime, launched in April 2023. As part of RFE/RL’s comprehensive strategy to counter Kremlin disinformation, Votvot features cultural content inaccessible inside Russia from creators who are often banned because of their criticism of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine.​

Who is the audience for Votvot?

Votvot is a platform for uncensored, free expression for Russian-speaking audiences, including younger demographics, interested in alternatives to traditional news programming.

What is on the platform?

Through documentaries, theater performances, concerts, satire, children’s educational programming, and more, Votvot will make censored cultural content available once again to a wide audience.

A few examples:

Votvot offers stories that unite:

  • FACE, an internationally-renowned 25-year-old Russian rap artist can no longer return to Russia because of his denunciation of the Kremlin’s full-scale war on Ukraine. Votvot has been given exclusive rights to a sold-out performance.
  • “Dreamland with Oleg Skrypka,” is a travel show and musical anthology spotlighting Ukraine’s music and heritage to demonstrate the extent of global support for Ukraine.

Votvot content will make audiences think and inspire debate:

  • Critically-acclaimed documentaries by Andrei Loshak and Vitaly Mansky will be available, and their new works will debut on the Votvot platform.
  • “Patron and Friends” is a heartwarming look at a bomb-sniffing hero helping Ukraine’s military. This series looks at the dogs in action on the front lines and their lives at home with loving families.​

How can audiences access Votvot?

Votvot is available at and in all major mobile and Smart TV app stores free of charge, and on social media networks. RFE/RL has in place a censorship circumvention plan to enable access to Votvot content within Russia.

Updated: April 2023

As Votvot’s content menu grows RFE/RL’s commitment to its core mission and values will remain unchanged.​

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